Why do pimples turn into black spots

Pimple marks

To prevent pimple marks, it makes sense to avoid the cause - namely the pimples. However, this is not as easy to do as I said, because we often have little influence on many of the factors that promote pimples, such as stress, tension or even a hormonal imbalance. However, there are a few things that can help prevent breakouts. A thorough cleaning is the basis. Take off your make-up thoroughly every evening and pay attention to high-quality, skin-friendly cleaning products for your skin type. You should absolutely avoid aggressive surfactants or soap, because they dry out the skin and cause increased sebum production.

But once the pimple is there, there are other points that can prevent the development of the pimple marks. One of the most important protectors against any kind of pigment shift is also yours Sun protection factor. Protection against UV radiation is fundamentally an elementary aspect for healthy and beautiful skin. However, if you are prone to pimple marks or other hyperpigmentation, you shouldn't even leave the house without SPF. It is best to opt for a day cream with a sun protection factor of at least 20 all year round. If you spend longer in the sun, you should use a sunscreen with SPF 50.

Even if it's tempting, you definitely should avoid expressing the pimple yourself or touching it with dirty fingers all the time. It is also used to care for impurities and to prevent pimple marks vitamin C at. Vitamin C gently brightens the skin and stimulates natural collagen production. Applied at an early stage, it counteracts the development of pimple marks.