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Hello my name is Daniela Räber. On this blog I will show you how you, as a non-vegan, can cook delicious vegan meals for you and your guests. I wish you a lot of fun on this journey of discovery! Daniela

Learn to cook and bake vegan - online

Dear cook friend and vegan enthusiast

This article is about my experience with the course "Vegan fun" from Veggi Mäggi. I tested the course thoroughly and checked its learning effect.

    • Can I really conjure up great dishes for vegan guests with this course?
    • Will the vegan recipes also taste good to non-vegan guests (and me 🙂)?

Those were the two most important questions when I tested the online course. Of course, I also had demands in terms of content, ease of use and the buying process.

If the course had not convinced me on one point, you would not read this recommendation here, but a critical review. But I am very satisfied and think that I made a good choice with this course.

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The agony of choice: three vegan cooking courses online

In addition to Veggi Mäggi's “vegan fun” course, there were also courses from 7hauben and Sebastian Copien to choose from. In the blog article from July 2020, I compared the courses and explained why Veggi Mäggi's course is ideal for getting started.

Please note that this is a testimonial. Click here for the official website of Veggi Mäggi and her course "Vegan Fun"

Why am I writing about my experience here?

In the Repair Cafe, in which I work, people asked more and more frequently about vegan cakes or snacks. More and more people around me avoided meat or dairy products for whatever reason.

  • I knew the moment would come when I invite friends or guests over and it turns out that someone is vegan. I wanted to be prepared for that.
  • In addition, it became increasingly clear to me what impact milk and meat production has on the environment. As a mountain and nature lover, that was also an argument for me to eat vegan more often.

The free module for Veggi Mäggi's course convinced me (you have to enter your email address for access). The recipes were appealing and not complicated. Mäggi addresses her course participants warmly and personally. There was also a lot of positive customer feedback.

But watching cooking videos is one thing. Actually preparing a vegan dish is completely different. Will the cooking course actually give me the confidence I want when cooking vegan recipes? I did not know it. Still, I bought the course. Risk…

You don't have this risk because here you will find out how Veggi Mäggi accompanied me in the learning process and how my skills could develop.

After reading this article, you will know whether the “vegan fun” course is what you need.

Purpose and aim of the "vegan fun" cooking course

This course enables you Simply learn to cook vegan at home. In your own kitchen, at your own pace, at any time.

Mäggi greets you in the video at her stove, at home. It shows in simple steps how to prepare vegan recipes and promises that by the end of the course you will be a vegan professional. In fact, at the end of the last module, I had the feeling that I had gotten all the important basics. So the course keeps what it promises.

You can go directly to the Pro and con of the online course

Access to the course

After the purchase (by credit card or eBanking), a Mail with an access link to the course and a password sent. You can use it to log into the course. You can now access the course from anywhere.

If you have already bought something online and received a download link for it, then you will be able to handle the registration without any problems. You don't need to be a tech genius.

You can complete the course on your tablet, laptop or smartphone, whatever suits you:

  • On the way to work, you can use it to develop ideas for dinner on the train.
  • When cooking, it is practical to place the laptop or tablet close to the work surface.
    So you can stop the videos at any time, imitate what you have learned and read the recipe again; because it is displayed directly below the cooking tutorial video.

Why did I book the online cooking course?

It was a coincidence that I came across the course at the beginning of the corona crisis. In the lockdown, I had time to deal with new things. I had enough reasons to learn how to cook vegan dishes anyway. So far I just hadn't dared to do it.

First Cooking with meat substitutes, egg substitutes and milk substitutes seemed too complicated to me. Several times I studied vegan recipes at www.chefkoch.de. But for the next Repair Cafe, I baked a completely normal cake again.

Second, I doubted whether I like the dishes and whether the recipes would be a success.

When I learned in the free course that Veggi Mäggi not only lives vegan, but is also a connoisseur, this created the necessary trust to dare to experiment.


Get the free course


The course structure

After logging in, you will be taken to the overview page. It shows the 9 course modules. The overview page is well structured. There is no confusion.

You can start with the module that interests you most. All modules are available to you after registration in the course. You can work through the content of your choice.Since Mäggi provides some basic information in the first module, it makes sense to look at this module first.

If you have the necessary ingredients and equipment at home, you can start immediately. Veggi Mäggi focuses on common foods in her course. You don't have to do a bulk purchase in the health food store to get started. That makes it easy to get started.

In the cooking class you will learn very quickly how to bring the vegan diet into your everyday life. Because Mäggi teaches you to prepare the whole repetition: breakfast, main courses, desserts, sauces, small snacks and also cakes, biscuits and bread. This allows you to quickly set up a mini repetition:

  • a dish for breakfast
  • a first variant of patties
  • a first spread
  • a first stew.

Soon you will have tested a first recipe for every meal of the day and can build on these first experiences.


Content of the course

At the moment the course is discounted! Click here for the offer.

The online cooking course "vegan fun" contains the following modules:

Module 1: Start in the gourmet kitchen
Module 2: Spreads and dips
Module 3: home-baked bread and Co.
Module 4: Curry, Goulash and Co.
Module 5: pancakes and pancakes
Module 6: patties, patties and Co.
Module 7: Breading perfectly vegan
Module 8: Breakfast Ideas
Module 9: Sweet vegan baking art

In most of the modules, three vegan recipes are presented. Only module 2 contains six recipes for vegan sauces and dips; In module 7, breading without eggs and milk is shown in a film.

Basic recipes

The recipes are simple and can be modified with ease. If you don't like a part of a recipe - for example paprika - just leave it out. Mäggi often gives tips on how to modify recipes. That gives you the courage to adapt a recipe to your own situation and your own preferences. In contrast, the recipes from 7Hauben and Sebastian Copien are more sophisticated and fine-tuned down to the smallest detail. I would hardly dare to replace individual elements with others.


The page types

Complete overview / start page

After logging in, you will automatically be taken to the start page. Mäggi's welcome video is displayed, including all modules can be selected. This division into topics is a clear advantage over the other two courses (see previous blog post).

If you select a module, all associated videos are displayed. With the "Spreads and Dips" module, you can decide, for example, whether you prefer to start with the horseradish carrot spread or the sunflower and chocolate spread (for non-Austrians: horseradish is horseradish 🙂)

You can safely skip recipes that are “too vegan” at the beginning - for example the “eggs” made from smoked tofu or the green smoothie. The cooking repeater can still be set up quickly, because there is a suitable recipe in each module.


Instruction video, recipe and handout

If you select a video in a module, the associated recipe is displayed below.

With one click you can select another module or the "handout". The tips and tricks that Mäggi showed in the videos are summarized as text here. I particularly like the proximity of video, selection and recipe.

It is helpful that you can see the video and the recipe at a glance and not have to scroll or click, because your hands are already busy with other things while cooking.

With just a few clicks you can click through all the content, you can quickly find what you are looking for and you can hardly get lost because the structure is so easy to understand.

You can also switch to the module overview at any time and jump from one module to another.

The content and structure of the course are so comprehensive that I have the feeling that I have attended a vegan cooking school, not just a course.


Work technique, tips and tricks

Veggi Mäggi’s well-organized way of working and her calm manner make it easy to understand. The information she gives on products, shopping opportunities and work techniques are helpful. This gives you

  • Information on where to find certain vegan foods
  • Explanations of technical terms
  • Tips on handling, for example how to get tofu out of the package most easily and how to cut sun-dried tomatoes well
  • “Rescue tips”, for example, what to do if you forget to add the salt to the bread dough
  • She also takes work safety seriously and raises awareness, for example when dealing with the hot oven
  • Arrangement and decoration tips are important to Veggi Mäggi. It provides many ideas on how to present a meal in a beautiful way. She also brings rolls into an original, appealing shape. It's unlikely that you won't be able to score points with your guests.


Veggi Mäggi has a refreshing way of leading through the course. Your joy in the products, the work and the beautiful presentation is contagious. When she talks about the subtle scent of an ingredient, one regrets that the kitchen scent cannot be transmitted via video. One would like to be given a spoon to try.

Mäggi is a good explainer. She speaks clearly and not too quickly. You are aware of what is important in the instruction. She carefully and precisely explains critical points, such as how to handle corn starch (watch out for lumps!). It clearly shows the sources of error and how to deal with problems.

The "notepads" that are displayed next to the explanations are also useful. They give important information while Mäggi stirs, prepares or explains.

A pinch of humor also flows into the explanations again and again, for example when the cameraman, Veggi Mäggi's son, suddenly steps into the picture and volunteers to try it out. I like the fact that she shows something about her family and her private life every now and then, because it makes the course more personal.



The website and the documents (handouts) are carefully and attractively designed. Everything is clear, well structured and - also for me if you wear glasses - in a very good reading size.


What you need to get started

Apart from a good paring knife and a vegetable grater with different hole sizes, you don't need any other equipment for the first time. But

    • Patties and breaded meats work better in a coated Teflon pan than in a metal pan. In order not to damage the coating, a wooden or plastic roasting or stirring ladle is required.
    • A sprout glass or an urchin is also practical, but by no means essential

    • you need a grater for dumplings and spaetzle. If that's something you really enjoy eating, this small investment is definitely worth it.

Aids for advanced users

If you cook vegan often, a small or large food processor for grating or chopping vegetables and a smoothie maker will be worthwhile.

A "blender" or a smoothie maker will also be useful. Veggi Mäggi needs it for smoothies and cashew parmesan (as a substitute for parmesan).


to the vegan online cooking course



Head of the course

Who is she and why did she develop this vegan cooking school?

she calls herself Veggi Mäggi, in everyday life Margret Elisabeth Kokta. She describes herself as Kitchen and culinary fairy. The Austrian discovered the joy of cooking and entertaining business friends and family thanks to her mother, who was a passionate hobby cook herself.

Her two children Kristina and Klemens introduced Mäggi to the cultivation of organic food. For 15 years she worked at a large organic farm and home delivery company and also pampered employees and guests there.

In 2011, she discovered the book by Dr. Ruediger Dahlke “Peacefood” in his hands. From then on she decided to live without animal foods. The new way of eating challenged her cooking skills, but thanks to her creativity, she soon enjoyed cooking vegan recipes.

Veggi Mäggi cooks at trade fairs and in cooking shows and has developed the online course so that people who do not live in her region can learn vegan cooking from her.


Technical quality of the course

The sound quality

is good and makes it easy to follow Veggi Mäggi's presentation. Every now and then there are slight fluctuations in the volume. But they are minor.
The videos are accompanied by music that is not too dominant and does not interfere with Mäggi's explanations. As far as I am concerned, you could leave them out as long as Veggi Mäggi explains something.


The videos

are taken in by Mäggi's son. Compared to the big cooking shows on television or the two online courses from 7Hauben and Sebastian Copien, the lighting in the kitchen is not so perfect, but it is always good. In contrast to some YouTube videos from amateur cooks (see blog post “Vegan and vegetarian cooking with YouTube”), there are no dim scenes in which you can barely see who is speaking and what is being done.

Often only Veggi Mäggi's upper body or the things she is holding are shown. It would be nicer to either see Mäggi as a whole (long shot) or to have the details shown in full size.
However, I only notice that because I make videos for customers myself and am sensitized to such things - “professional deformation”. I would not have noticed that 3 years ago.
I am also aware that it is not easy to film with a single camera and always make the right decision whether to focus on the details or the speaking Mäggi.


Display of the learning status

I would give a tiny minus point because you can't see in the course which modules / recipes you have already looked at and which you haven't. However, I am aware that this would be technically complex, precisely because the course is divided into modules. In view of the low price and the very clear structure, it is only a minor flaw.
On the other hand, it is very helpful that with each recipe it is indicated where in the video (minutes: seconds) the preparation of the respective recipe starts.



Everything works smoothly in the course: from registering to watching the videos and downloading the recipes and handouts. I don't have a problem with the videos either with my private internet connection or when I'm out and about (hotel, hostel, restaurant). They run smoothly at all times, do not get stuck and the picture never lags behind the sound. From this point of view, too, I can recommend the course with complete conviction. It will be a pleasure for you to work with it.

Cooking course "vegan fun" - pros and cons

- Learn alone

Learning to cook with this online cooking course is of course a completely different experience than on a face-to-face course:

  • You can't look over the shoulder of others
  • Can't get advice from the cookery teacher if you have questions or something goes wrong.

But Veggi Mäggi knows what is important and shows and explains somewhat more difficult work in great detailFor example, when it comes to the consistency of a loaf dough that will last in the end.

The total novice cook is well advised not only to buy this course, but also to have a private “hotline” available for emergencies, be it friends, family or members of a cooking group. You can ask Veggi Mäggi questions by e-mail, but some questions that arise while cooking can or do not want to be postponed until you receive an answer by e-mail.


- Basic equipment in the kitchen is mandatory

Basic equipment in the kitchen is necessary in order to be able to cook the recipes.To this day I haven't made the spaetzle because I first have to organize a grater. But most of the recipes in this course can be cooked using normal kitchen equipment. In a face-to-face course, of course, you have the advantage that all of this equipment is available.


+ Intelligibility through image / sound

Understanding what is important is much easier with a video than with a cookbook. This becomes particularly clear in this course when it comes to the consistency of a dough or how far a bread dough should have risen. This is especially useful for novice cooks and when doing something for the first time.


+ Concentrated learning - alone

Personally, I like to study alone and am sometimes very happy when I don't come back to a new group to learn something new. You can concentrate fully on the content and topics that really interest you and learn your cooking skills according to your own priorities.
In addition, you get compared to a face-to-face course and other online courses more recipes at a lower priceas long as the course is on offer (see also comparison of online cooking courses in the last blog article).


+ Healthy enjoyment

Both are important to Mäggi: that the diet is healthy and that it tastes good. It saves on sugar where possible and ensures convincing taste experiences with fresh herbs and decorations.


+ Your own learning pace and transfer to everyday life

Each video can be viewed as often as desired, access to the videos is not limited in any way. This is a significant advantage compared to a face-to-face course where you are given practical guidance, but shortly afterwards you have forgotten some things.

You can look at the instructions several times, take your time and adapt the learning process to your own living conditions. You don't just go to a course for a short time, try something new and then fail to implement it. You can deal with the videos, buy what you need for a recipe at the next opportunity and thus gradually introduce the new. Depending on your life situation and time budget, you can go through this learning process very quickly or you can take your time.

The particular strength of Veggi Mäggi's course is that you can quickly collect a small repetition for all meals of a day on which you can easily build.


+ Time savings

Another plus point is that you don't have to collect your knowledge in individual videos or websites, but get everything in one package. You can be sure that with this vegan online course you will get everything relevant in a short time. You also save travel time and costs.


+ Price / performance ratio

In the current offer, the course is worth 39 euros unbeatably cheap compared to face-to-face courses. I would pay almost as much for a cookbook and would have far less information and instructions. I would have spent a lot of time looking for recipes on the Internet.

+ Turn learning to cook online into an event

Trying out something new in my own kitchen suited me very much, if you invite family or friends to experiment and then have a rehearsal dinner, the course becomes a small event.



Veggi Mäggi's online cooking course offers an easy introduction to the vegan diet. You learn quickly with it everything essential and appropriate a cooking repeater with which you can prepare something vegan for every meal of the day. Neither a cookbook nor a classroom course can be done in such a short time the security means that you know everything you need to know about a vegan diet.

As an adult education professional, I recognize that behind the course structure a lot of experience sdoes. The choice of topics / modules and the choice of dishes is skillful, by no means coincidental.

Who one personal atmosphere and appreciates an authentic, enthusiastic but also calm course instructor, will like Veggi Mäggi's style and be inspired by her with ease.

I can particularly recommend the course to amateur cooks and housewives who

  • for one small household for 2 or 4 people Cook
  • Recipes like that few ingredients need and still taste good.
  • like to have it easy in their kitchen and Joy in enjoyment to have.

Do you want to impress friends or acquaintances with vegan creations that are also good for normal eater? Then you will enjoy this course!

Compared to the other vegan online courses I personally think this course is the best course for beginnersbecause the learning path is very free and motivating.

Maybe you want more recipes from Veggi Mäggi soon. This wish can also be fulfilled. In addition to the online course, there is also "vegabo", a recipe subscription. But to get started, go here:

to the vegan online cooking course