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46.100 €

3.720 €

Software Developer - Average Salary

The average salary for software developers is € 46,100 gross per year (approx. € 3,720 gross per month), which is € 625 (+ 20%) higher than the average monthly salary in Germany.
As a software developer and programmer, you earn between a minimum of € 38,100 gross per year and a maximum of over € 95,000 gross per year.

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Salary software developer / programmer - distribution

Young professionals as programmers and junior software developers can expect the lowest salaries, while experienced profiles such as senior software developers or embedded software developers can earn better.
How much you earn as a software developer or programmer is also influenced by factors such as location and company size: Salaries in start-ups are on average lower than those in traditional companies.

Software Developer - Salary Differences

Software developer Switzerland83K € / year


Embedded software developer62K € / year


Freelance software developer57K € / year


Senior software developer51K € / year


Software engineer48K € / year


Frontend developer44K € / year


Java developer43K € / year


Mathematical-technical software developer42K € / year


Developer Start Up41K € / year


Junior software developer38K € / year


How much does a software developer earn? Salaries based on work experience

A junior software developer with less than 3 years of professional experience starts with an average starting salary of around € 39,000 gross per year. With 4-9 years of experience, the salary for software developers rises to around € 47,000, while a software developer with more than 10 years of professional experience can expect remuneration of around € 51,000. The average salary for software developers at the top of their careers with over 20 years of professional experience is over € 60,000.

How do age and work experience affect the salary for software developers?

at the end of the career▲ +30%
Senior▲ +11%
With professional experience▲ +2%
Average salary€ 46,100 / year
Junior▼ -15%


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The salary data on this page is based on an estimate of the salary information in job advertisements for software developers that were published on Jobted in the last 12 months, as well as on other publicly available sources (e.g. collective agreements, minimum wage law).

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