Is it still worth dying for Filipinos?

"It is worth dying for the Filipino."

famous saying in the Philippines that he uttered shortly before he was murdered in 1983; from New York Times: THE SATURDAY PROFILE; A Famed Philippine Family's Bubbly Maverick, May 3, 2003, accessed April 12, 2010; Translation: Wikiquote

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"I don't like to die so young, but I die with a curse on the German military state."

- Albin Köbis German sailor, participant in sailors revolt 1917 1892 - 1917

Farewell letter to parents, September 11, 1917, attached to: Ernst Toller, Fire from the Kesseln, Reclam Leipzig 1930, -3536/4; TP Verone Publishing, Nicosia / Cyprus 2016, ISBN 978-9-92501-637-2, p. 105 state

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