Have you ever cried after an exam

I started crying in the driving school car today ... Edit: Oh Yeah!

... and I feel embarrassed.

Nothing really worked out today, I switched gears stupidly, started nonsense and didn't look enough (ergo the driving instructor has to step on the brakes). I'm not a high-flyer when it comes to driving a car, but I'm actually getting along well ... only today ...
My driving instructor is really unique, but absolutely nice and never offensive. He just said I had to slowly react a little faster and more independently, drive more foresight and more carefully. And don't rest on the last hour that went well (I didn't! My driving style is endangered, I would devil "rest") ) But then I had to cry somehow, I think because I was just angry with myself or desperate because I drive so shit and it didn't work out any better, no matter how hard I tried.
I was then allowed to pull over (thank God, I could only see blurred because of the tear fluid. :-D) and he explained to me that he has to improve me, it doesn't get me any further if he just does everything nods. I would have liked to have said that it wasn't his fault, but somehow not much was going on at the moment.
Heaven, I feel so so so uncomfortable. That was so unnecessary and stupid. The girl who came after me must have thought of her part as well.
I'm not sure what I am trying to do with this thread, but I wanted to get rid of it and I was embarrassed to tell friends or family about it. Maybe I want some consolation too. Gnaaaah, how am I supposed to look him in the eye tomorrow? I am such a wimp.

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