Fart girl girl

Girls don't do that, many boys may think. And if it does? Half as wild or a real turn-off?

Torsten (16): Actually, it's only human when you have to fart or burp. I don't think it's too bad, as long as something like this happens to you in front of me. After all, it has happened to me a number of times. Even if it's uncomfortable: But something like that is part of a relationship.

Korbinian (15): My girlfriend is generally allowed to do anything before me. You know each other so well and are so familiar that it isn't a big deal if you ever get away with one of them. I find cliques of girls stupid who think it's cool to burp and fart loudly in public. That's really just repulsive!

David (16): Belching is not an issue at all among my buddies. Farting doesn't work at all. And if my girlfriend farted and burped in front of me, that would turn me off completely.

Tim (16): I always have to laugh when my girlfriend farts and then pretends nothing has happened. I usually explain to her that it's not that bad and that she should just stand by it. But she doesn't want to admit it at all. Girls don't fart in their opinion!

Fabi (16): I recently had to fart in the subway myself. My buddies laughed their way out of the box. Only two elderly people wrinkled their noses and complained about our behavior. I thought it was funny. In the case of girls, however, I would find such actions more than annoying.