Women like it when their breasts are touched

Most women love this touch on their breasts

"If I had breasts I would play with them all day," a prominent director once said. Well: we have breasts, but we don't play with them all day. Even if that's what you want, you little gawkers.

Now and then you are allowed to play with them and if you were more careful and tender, you could make us very happy by touching our bosom. But: Unfortunately, your interest in our bosom is usually far greater than your ability to do something halfway decent with it. That just has to be clarified!

This is how women want to be touched on the bosom

But of course we don't just let you die stupid, but give you - for purely an end in itself - a little tutoring in matters of "female breast sex" and show you which touch our breasts really want.

Pay homage to our bosom: That is basically the basic rule. The female breast literally drives men crazy with its gentle curves and smooth feel. Still, quite a few women struggle with their bosom. Too small, too big, or too limp. The best trick to turn a woman on? We tell you: Adore her body. Tell her that you think her bosom is beautiful. That you find it beautiful - just as it is. That is pure aphrodiasacum - honestly.

Are there differences between large and small breasts?

First of all, a little "breast knowledge". According to a study, large breasts are 24 percent less sensitive than smaller breasts. What does that mean? Women with small breasts are more aroused by appropriate stimulation than those who have a larger bust (exceptions confirm, of course The reason: The sensitivity of the bosom is often limited by its own weight. In addition, the sensitive nerve endings are stretched more by the spread of the tissue. But: Every woman feels different. Slowly feel your way and find out together what you like !

Absolutely forbidden: pinching, pinching or biting breasts and nipples

The only exception: if your partner has pleasure in pain. Otherwise you should try to avoid pinching her breasts or nipples. It hurts like hell when you pinch our nipples with two pointed fingers and possibly twirl them as if you were screwing in a lightbulb. So LET IT STAY - please!

This is also taboo: NEVER bite your nipples. If you do this to us, we'll bite your ... Just so that you understand the level of pain. All right?

As long as your loved one is not into BDSM, you should also avoid grabbing her breasts too tightly or even squeezing them. That can be incredibly painful too!

The bosom and the foreplay

Do not throw yourselves greedily on our nipples the first second you see them. Take some time. First you should treat the entire breast a few strokes.

This is how you work your way forward: Caress our breasts tenderly, then kiss the areola, explore the zone edge of the nipple with your tongue. Now you can slowly circle the nipples with your fingers and then carefully stroke them.

Ideas for breast flatterers

Breasts want to be gently touched. Here we have put together a few tips for pampering the female breast:

Pole of calm. Simply put your hands slightly arched around her breasts and let them linger there. What may seem strange at first, can certainly bring sensual moments and erotic crackling. The warmth of your hands unfolds on their skin, relaxes and maybe even makes you want more.

Journey of discovery. As pleasant as a petting may be - if the show takes too long in one single spot, the event will not only be boring, but even uncomfortable. The whole body wants to be happy, so go on a hike and explore the entire skin.

Drawing lesson. So that the touch does not end in monotonous circles, it helps to draw patterns on your skin with your fingers or palms. For example, circles become figures of eight that encompass both breasts, a triangle that explores regions down to the navel and below, or a square in which the hand gently strokes over the collarbone and under the breast over your skin.

Ice cubes? Going alright. Usually, men should take care to keep their hands warm. Cold as an erotic extra is sometimes extremely sensual. Ice cubes are often sold as the ultimate in soft erotic films - and that can actually be something for some women. Carefully (!) Caress the contours of the breast with an ice cube, gently run over the nipples and then warm them up again with your mouth warm.

Kiss mouth. Our lips have a large number of nerve endings, which is why we react very sensitively to touch and warmth or cold with them. This sensual sensitivity helps you to be gentle with our breasts. Cover them with kisses as you walk up and down your neck. Then gently play the buds with your tongue, draw circles around the nipples, and play with them. But please don't be too wet and happy. The tip of the tongue is sufficient.

Air pressure games. Tip your lips and clasp your nipples. Then inhale and exhale slowly, alternating between gentle positive and negative pressure. You should start very carefully and then you can increase a little. Anyone who has just started sucking has already lost and the sizzling eroticism is gone.

This is how women can guide lovemaking:

Sweet seduction. Drip a little honey, chocolate sauce, or something similar from your stomach, starting to your nipples, on your body. Blindfold him and let him find the right way with just his tongue. Caution: If he is not thorough in his search for a path, the sticky honey will soon be everywhere, which could quickly develop into quite a pleasure killer. Therefore, you might prefer to use the easy-care bed linen as a base for these eating games.