What is Thanos greatest fear


Back on earth, I was separated from the two of them.
I didn't know where I was.
New York? It didn't seem like that to me, and neither did Germany.
"Where am I?" I asked myself, reaching for the one dagger that was still in me.
I didn't pull it out or I would bleed to death.
"Thor!" I shouted.
But nobody heard me.
"Where am I?" I asked again.
"In our world ..." said a voice.
"What world, another Asgard, Titan?"
"The multiverse, the gathering of all universes ..." said the voice.
"Why am I here, how can I go back?"
"Only you alone can find your way out. By finding yourself through your fears ..." said the voice.
"My fears? But which ones ..." I stopped and thought of all that.
"No, not my fears ..."
"There will be no other way ...", said the voice and a way shone.
"Do I have to go this one?"
"Find out..."
And then there was silence.
I was scared.
I didn't know what would happen first.
I walked a long way and an almost dead Tony came towards me.
Your own weapon in him.
"Serina, help me!" He shouted.
He was in my arms.
"Tony, take it easy ..." I said.
"Thanos, he, he ..."
"I know ..." I said.
"I'm afraid of death ...", he cried a tear.
"I, I'll help you ..." I said.
But then I thought of the voice.
Overcome the fears.
Did you mean I had to let Tony die?
Tony was lying in front of me, I pulled the gun out and tried to heal him.
"It doesn't work, Tony, it ..." I started to cry.
"It's okay, stay with me Serina ..."
"Tony, I will always be with you, no matter what ..."
"And you with me ..." he said with a smile until he dissolved.
Tony was gone.
But a little thing changed in me.
I didn't know what it was.
I kept walking and at some point I saw some dead on the floor.
Vision, Hawkeye, Tasha, Steven.
"No, why, why, why ..." I said and saw Thanos and Thor fight each other.
All dead except Thor.
"Serina, help Thor ..." said Steven.
I knelt next to him and held him in my hands.
"But what about you ..."
"You can defeat Thanos, believe in yourself ..." he said and he died.
I got up and walked in both directions until I met Loki.
His face was bloody, sore, and filthy.
"First you have to pass me to get to him. If I were you I would hurry ..."
I attacked Loki immediately and knocked him to the ground.
I wanted to kill him, but I couldn't.
He took the chance and turned us, I was lying under him.
One arm on my neck and the other on the dagger that was already inside of me.
He pulled it out and stabbed again.
I screamed something and looked over at Thor.
He could hardly withstand Thanos.
"Thor ..."
"Your fear is to lose him ...", Loki said and I looked at him.
I had to believe in myself.
I tore Loki from me and then held the dagger that was in me in my hands.
"If it weren't for you ..." I said and rammed it into his hand.
I didn't mean to kill him and that would be enough pain for him.
I went up to Thanos and called for him.
He turned to me and Thor attacked him.
I also lunged at him and Thor was on the ground.
Thanos didn't have any of the Infinity Stones in his glove.
"Give me the stones!" He called and I landed next to Thor.
"We can defeat him. Together ..." said Thor.
"Yes. Together. Thor, you have to use the power of the Infinity Stones and defeat him. I will sacrifice myself ..." I said.
"No, I don't want that ..."
"Thor, it's the only way. Only you can finally defeat him. I know what I'm doing ..." I said and he came to me.
"You will always be my little one. I love you ..." he said and watered.
"And I love you ..." I said and concentrated on bringing out the stones.
"If I call now, you will point your hand at Thanos and defeat him.
"Okay ..." he said and I let all the stones become one.
I felt the powers in me, but one was missing.
My life stone.
I used my power, let it overflow into all stones and Thor held everyone together.
I could see that Thor had all the power.
"Now ..." I said and felt my life go by.
Thor put his other hand at Thanos and I could see the damage Thanos took.
But for me it would mean saying goodbye.
Thor and I looked at each other.
I pulled the dagger out of myself and stood up to him.
"Together ..." I said and I also held the stones in my hand.
I screamed and Thanos dissolved little by little.
"No!", Thanos shouted one last time and I saw how life left my body.
There was a huge explosion and the next moment I saw a bright light.

"Serina, you have survived your own and greatest fear. To sacrifice yourself. I have given you two options. You can go back to life and all Avengers are with you or in your previous life. Knowing which one you will achieve today have ... "said the voice.
I looked out into the world to my left.
I could see my mom and dad, all of the Avengers. The perfect life.
And to the right of that were those who have become my family. The few people who are my life.
"I'll take my previous life ..." I said and then I could see who was behind the voice.
My mother.
"Thanks ..." I said and I saw the bright light again.

And by then I was back on earth and saw Tony.
"Serina! People, she's here!" He shouted and everyone came to me.
"Where have you been!" Shouted Thor.
"I found myself ..." I said ...