How does a pregnancy feel?

My pregnancy: the first month

As already announced, I will tell a little retrospectively on the blog about the months of my pregnancy that have already passed. Since I wrote diaries for all children - even if it became more and more point-like with each child - I can still understand the events and feelings of the last weeks and months quite well. And also compare with the events of the other pregnancies.

Since I blog here as a mother and as a midwife, I would like to add in advance that all things reported here about my pregnancy our very personal path describe that feels right now and with this child. There are many ways to have a pregnancy accompanied. Or not to.

As a midwife, I can “only” generally recommend that all parents should come to their personal, informed decision for themselves about what to do and what not. Because there is simply no wrong or right here. But now on to my story:

The first month of pregnancy is the one in which you are actually only half a month pregnant, depending on ovulation, because the number of weeks of pregnancy begins on the first day of the last menstruation. And from then on, as is well known, it takes about two weeks - although this is very individual from woman to woman - until ovulation gives the possibility of actually becoming pregnant at all.

Anything but reliable

There are women who can already tell that they have the feeling that they have become pregnant - provided that there was unprotected sex at that point in time. I do not belong to it. However, a few days before expecting the next rule, I had a feeling that it might be so. The circulation feels a bit unstable and somehow I felt a bit "strange" in general. However, all signs such as headaches, blemished skin or mood swings can also point to an imminent menstrual period. So that's anything but reliable.

The so-called early tests are also anything but reliable - i.e. those pregnancy tests that can be used a few days before the expected period. With the result that they do not display anything for quite a few women, even though one woman is already pregnant. When a test turns positive depends on the HCG level. And the amount and thus the detectability in the urine of this pregnancy-specific hormone is quite variable, especially at the beginning.

As a midwife, I would like to recommend waiting a little longer until the day of the expected period arrives. So much for the theory. As a questionably pregnant woman, I did not wait, but did an early test in the 3 + 3 week of pregnancy, a good four days earlier. And the feeling actually didn't cheat me. A second, even lighter, but clearly visible line actually appeared on the test. So visible that even Christian recognized him immediately, to whom I of course immediately told him.

Of course, a single test is not enough

Even if I always find it so nice with others, which creative ways are thought up to announce the good news - I couldn't bear to not tell my husband for just a few hours or even days longer. We were both very happy - as with all other pregnancies before. This moment when you realize that a little person is on the way is always special, simply beautiful and moving.

Of course, a single test is not enough and so I'll spend a few more tests over the next few days. As a midwife you always have a few more of them lying around due to your job. Although the second line is getting darker every day, in the end I buy an overpriced and unsustainable plastic test that digitally announces in words: “Pregnant. 2-3 weeks ". Since the result can only be read for around 24 hours, these tests are not mementos that you can later show to your children. Nevertheless, it is a bit nice to read the word “pregnant” there.

After that I was good with the testing and I dared to tell the midwife of my choice. I have known her for many years and was able to accompany a dear friend's house birth with her. So I know very well how she works and that that would be a good fit for this pregnancy. In addition, she is currently working in Germany, which is not a matter of course, since she has also studied and worked in London for some time. Since our vacation and many professional appointments are still ahead of me, we will arrange a first appointment in around eight weeks. If something happens beforehand, I can of course contact you at any time.

Of course, a single test is not enough

Since we already had to let a child go in the 12th week of pregnancy, I unfortunately know only too well that preventive measures or various ultrasound appointments ultimately cannot prevent something like this from happening. It was therefore most important to me at this time to simply trust my body. And I manage to do that better personally if there are not too many outside influences pouring in on me.

What I needed or didn't need was a little different for me in every pregnancy. But in general, I've always done well listening to my gut. And the gut feeling was good. In addition, a sudden aversion to banana ice cream with kamut flakes, my favorite breakfast at the time, announced with some certainty that I would probably not have to wait long for the nausea I know in all pregnancies.

With a midwife, the first changes in eating behavior and a lot of good hope, I continued into the second month of my pregnancy.

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