Is Donald Trump a Populist 1

That is how strategically Donald Trump uses conspiracy theories and populism

At the beginning of his election campaign, Trump used cues from conspiracy theories until the Washington Post published an audio recording in which Trump boasted about his rude treatment of women. Six days later, on October 13, 2016, Trump himself was actively promoting conspiracy theories. It was then that he said for the first time that the “Clinton apparatus” was planning to destroy the United States and that there were secret plans with international bankers. What role does the instrument of conspiracy theory play for him?
Trump is much more strategic than his opponents believe. He uses his Twitter account very cleverly. He used the set pieces in the primary campaign and in the election campaign to signal to the conspiracy theorists: I am one of you, you can choose me. At that time he was still fighting for the moderate voters in the center, who usually decide the US election campaign. They feel put off by crazy conspiracy theories. It was only when the audio recording became public and Trump was clearly behind in the polls beyond a statistical error that he changed course because it was now clear that he would have to give up the moderate voters in the middle. But he knew that he could rely on the staunch Republicans who always vote for every Republican. To this end, he has particularly motivated those who are receptive to populist rhetoric and conspiracy theories that otherwise would not vote because no candidate represented them.