Different languages ​​use different keyboards

Switch Windows 10 keyboard

There are several shortcuts that can work for switching the keyboard. If you move the mouse over the language option in the system tray, you will already see a keyboard shortcut. In general, however, you have three options for switching between keyboard languages ​​at lightning speed using a shortcut.

Windows button and Space bar: This is the new Windows 10 keyboard shortcut to change a keyboard layout. It should always work if more than one keyboard is installed. Press and hold the Windows key, then press the spacebar. By repeatedly pressing the space bar, you can choose from the keyboard languages ​​displayed.

OLD and SHIFT: This combination is the classic key combination for changing the keyboard. In some Windows 10 versions, however, this key combination now only provides information about which keyboard is currently activated.

CTRL and SHIFT: This combination is an alternative to ALT and SHIFT.

If you have changed the keyboard layout, the key assignment no longer necessarily corresponds to the characters specified on your keyboard. A very good example is the assignment of Z and Y in the German or English keyboard. While the Z is in the middle of the top row of letters in the German keyboard layout, the Y is there in the English keyboard. This can also lead to errors when entering passwords.