What should I know about Australians

Rules of conduct: what should I know about the Aussies

Even if there aren't that many Rain of behavior in Australia There are a few important things to keep in mind, so as not to make unnecessary mistakes. If these are adhered to, the "average Australian" is a very sociable, sociable and hospitable person with whom you can have a lot of fun without any ifs and buts.


10 important rules of conduct

  1. A high level of socialization skills are rewarded as Australians are very sociable.
  2. No answer is expected to the frequently asked question “How's it goin 'mate?” - it tends to cause confusion.
  3. Australians are often relatively patriotic and do not like it at all if you criticize anything about their country or to contest their achievements. The annually celebrated Australia Day (26.01) takes a lot of getting used to for Germans, as thousands of flags and "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi slogans" shape the entire continent on this day.
  4. Life in the big cities Down Unders hardly differs from that in the European metropolises. The same behaviors apply here as in the domestic climes.
  5. Many Australians - especially those of the older generation - are actually afraid of an Indonesian or Asian invasion. Cautious comments are advisable in this regard.
  6. The stereotypical outback resident likes to drink, eats a lot of meat and looks quite skeptical when he meets people who neither drink nor eat meat. Masculinity is very important to men and a firm handshake is almost an obligation.
  7. Australians attach great importance to compliance with their laws: penalties are very high!
  8. The sore discussion points are politics and aboriginal.
  9. Australians are usually much more prudish than Central Europeans - even if women's fashion does not suggest that. Nudism is sometimes found, but it is more of the 60s / 70s generation. In public saunas you wear bathing trunks or a bikini and sexuality is a taboo subject, especially among older Australians.
  10. VB, Tooheys or Carlton Draft all taste quite similar, but most Australians don't like to hear that because they just love their beer.

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