Why is life in Monaco so great


Principality up close

I was enchanted by an extraordinary place on the Côte d’Azur and traveled to the Principality of Monaco. I was curious whether I could still experience the flair of a Monaco from Grace Kelly today and wanted to know all the more how I could make a short trip to Monte Carlo. We flew luxuriously from Nice airport to Monte Carlo by helicopter. Even when I arrived on the Monegasque peninsula on the Mediterranean coast of France, I was very impressed. It's exactly how you always imagine it: casinos, yachts and fancy cars.

Out and about in Monte Carlo

My hotel was great. It was the imposing one Hotel de Paris in the Monte Carlo district. It is fantastically beautiful on the Casino Square with a panoramic view of the marina, the picturesque Prince's Palace and the Mediterranean Sea in the background. The classy furnishings of the rooms and the very courteous staff really make your stay here an unforgettable experience. The hotel is also home to one of the world's best Restaurants, the Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse, which brings the cuisine of the coastal region to a new, exquisite level with the finest ingredients. In addition, when you stay at the Hôtel de Paris, you receive free entry to the casino and a free shuttle service to the casino. The casino itself impresses with an atmosphere and architecture that could easily have sprung from a James Bond film.

As an excursion tip, I can recommend Monaco's only golf course, the Monte Carlo Golf Club. An extraordinary place with a fantastic view. Or for those who prefer something a little more unusual: How about creating your own perfume? So you have a wonderful souvenir of your trip from the Principality of Monaco. And something else quickly struck me: the helicopter is THE means of transport in Monaco. At around 160 euros per flight, it is really inexpensive by Monegasque standards.

For me this trip was a real “Once in a Lifetime” moment. And yes, it still felt like a Monaco from Grace Kelly! This flair of “see and be seen”, but also the great possibilities of excellent restaurants on site and the always noticeable atmosphere around Prince Albert should simply be experienced once.

Grace Kelly of today

If you are planning a trip to Monaco too, I will of course be happy to help and advise you.

Your Dilsad Dikme