When are babies born in the womb?

Development of the embryo: pictures and videos

Fascinating how a finished person develops in the 280 days of pregnancy. It's just a shame that we can't watch it. Or maybe yes?

In the beginning it's just a small lump, a few cells, nothing more. In the first month the fascinating development of the small brain and the spinal cord takes place. The child develops step by step in the womb - we take you on a journey where you can follow the sensational developments picture by picture.

Fascinating detailed photos of the development in the womb

Film series: look into the stomach

In our film series we take you into the fascinating world of the unborn child. In the first episode, see how the little seedling fared in the womb during the first eight weeks.

Here you will find all parts of the film series "A Glimpse in the Belly"

This overview shows how the baby develops in the individual thirds of pregnancy.

First trimester

1 week

By the seventh day, the embryo, which now comprises around 100 cells, is implanted in the uterus. A few days later: test positive!

4th week

The embryo has the shape of a C. Eyes and ears, arms and legs are laid out.

7th week

Initially, male and female fetuses share the same sex organs. Only now do testicles or ovaries differentiate.

12th week

The first fine, soft hairs grow; the fingernails also emerge.

Second trimester

14th week

The heart regularly beats at 140 to 150 beats per minute - twice as fast as an adult.

16th week

The baby becomes active: it sucks its thumb, swallows amniotic fluid and pees.

18th week

Although the baby has been doing gymnastics like a little acrobat for a long time, his movements are only now so strong that the mother can feel them.

20th week

The baby will open its eyes regularly from now on. But even if the tummy was light enough, the baby could not see yet.

23rd week

With around 600 grams, the baby could already survive outside - with medical help.

24th week

The skeleton is completely present, but not yet connected at the joints.

26th week

Gaining fat is now the most important task. Because all organs are already working, the baby can "concentrate" on growth.

The third trimester

27th week

The eyes are sensitive to light. But babies only learn the ability to perceive shapes and colors after birth.

30th week

The unborn baby cuddles up to the arch when mom puts a hand on her stomach.

32nd week

The baby is dozing or sleeping 95 percent of the day. Is it dreaming too? Quite possible, because REM sleep (the dream phase) already exists in the womb.

35th week

The fingernails have grown beyond the fingertips. The baby has a firm grip.

36th week

The baby takes a position: the head lowers towards the pelvis. Eternal puzzle: most babies lean toward their mother's right side.

37th week

The cheese smear on the skin has shifted so that only the back is covered.

40th week

Very few babies are born on the calculated date. Anything is possible up to two weeks before and after.