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Register now ("Guest" at the top right or on the registration page) and take advantage of other advantages!continue as before; go its normal course"Energy transition or businessasusual? ";" Many entrepreneurs and self-employed people are so concerned with 'businessasusual'busy, dass they do not recognize when a change of direction is pending ";"ass the federal government apparently 'businessasusual'and does not envisage any concrete diplomatic steps ";" On the stock exchange, the resignation of IMF Director Strauss-Kahn is currently attracting everyone's attention. Since das but is not directly relevant to the price, prevails businessasusual before the summer hole ";" Given such a catastrophe of 'businessasusual'It's not easy to speak ";" The attacks themselves have largely disappeared from the headlines. Great Britain has again the 'businessasusual'facing "from English; Originally a quote from Winston Churchill (English statesman, 1874-1965) on November 9, 1914: "The maxim of the British people is'Businessasusual. '"As Secretary of the Navy he referred to the events of World War I and its impact on the British economy. Today the phrase is mostly used when things are going on as normal, even when there have been events that could have caused a change