What are some spy tricks

Hard-boiled and sneaky | The hot Russian's spy tricks

The US is still shocked by the exploration of the Russian spy ring: Ten agents, including the sexy Anna Chapman (28), have been in custody since then. If you are convicted, you face up to 25 years.

Their directive from Moscow: Establish access to politically influential personalities and uncover secret details about the intentions of the US government.

Hardy and sneaky - that's how the hot Russian and her cronies sniffed around, transmitted their information over the Internet: their spy tricks - with a laptop and a wireless Internet connection.

But to be on the safe side, the spies resorted to the tried and tested method of encryption, known as “steganography” (Greek: hidden writing).

While secret messages were already camouflaged as patterns on items of clothing in ancient times, today, in the age of digitization, they can be hidden in the columns of numbers of the countless numbers 1 and 0: regardless of whether it is pictures, audio files or videos.

The spies benefit from the fact that error messages can also be "incorporated" when data is compressed - which makes encryption even easier. Colors or tones can be added to hide the change.

According to the criminal complaint from the Ministry of Justice, the Russians have been using such steganorgaphy methods since 2005, according to the specialist magazine “Wired” on its website.

In the past year, investigators searched the house of one of the alleged spies and discovered, among other things, password-protected floppy disks. In addition, a note with the notes "alt" "control" "e" - and a 27-digit string.

When the investigators used this as a password, they came across a program in a PC "to encrypt data and incorporate it into freely accessible websites", according to the specialist magazine "Wired" on its website.

The police discovered a real address book with URLs on a hard drive: "These addresses in turn had links to other websites," the criminal complaint said. When the investigators clicked these additional links, they were able to download images that looked completely inconspicuous at first glance. In fact, it is said, "readable text files" were hidden in some.

They were apparently used to exchange information or to arrange meetings.

In addition to these state-of-the-art technologies, the Russians are also said to have broadcast messages like in the good old days. These were particularly easy for the FBI investigators to grasp ...