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Translation of "breakfast" in Italian

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Father Benoit and his bike are on time for the breakfast there.
Padre Benoit e la sua bicicletta arrivano in tempo per colazione.
You had a bear's claw for breakfast.
Mama has been crying since then breakfast.
È dalla colazione che la mamma non fa che piangere.
Blair should be hers breakfast with Beatrice.
And I bring you breakfast and a great idea.
They eat people like you for breakfast.
I come and do you breakfast.
You won't forget that again breakfast.
The Puerto Ricans traditionally eat funche breakfast.
Il pain aux rasins viene consumato tradizionalmente a colazione.
As a small meal between breakfast and lunch.
Prepare yours breakfast and eat hearty ...
Harper is not for breakfast came.
The best breakfast in the city.
No, it's la miglior colazione della città, la fanno qui.
Your breakfast can be found in Pyongyang.
breakfast is the most scientific meal of the day.
So sees breakfast south of Galdhøpiggen.
È so che si fa colazione, a sud del Galdhpiggen.
OK this one breakfast is a disaster.
OK. Finora questa colazione è stata un disastro.
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