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It just happened again: someone ran around the house.

It was like this: I (male, 15 years old) was sitting outside on the balcony in the dark, listening to music on headphones and looking at the sky a bit (I am very often at home alone at night because my parents work as doctors in a hospital with a shortage of staff) .

I have two dogs, one of which I am used to getting angry faster and barking at something, the other one is extremely calm and actually never barks for no reason.

So, the following situation:

So I'm sitting there and suddenly both dogs jump up, growling and barking, run one floor down into the living room and run from room to room from there. We have motion detectors on the house walls, the light goes on if someone runs over there and that's how it was. When I looked outside, I saw the shadow of a person running away. I ran to the front door with my dogs, let my dogs out, took a flashlight (that's a flashlight that you can also use as a weapon) and followed the dogs.

The dogs went back into the house after a few minutes and were quiet again. I took one out with me and searched the entire garden. I shone with the flashlight in the trees, bushes, etc., no one (anymore) there. I stayed outside a little longer and shined my neighbors' gardens briefly, no one there. So I went back in after 15 minutes.

This is the second time this week that anyone is walking around the house outside!

What should I do next time if someone sneaks around the house in the middle of the night when I'm all alone ???

If I had caught this person, could I let my dogs loose on them? Are a rottweiler and a standard poodle. Would there be any consequences if someone tried to break into me and one of the dogs bites them?