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The most beautiful Swedish boy names

Olov, Thyge, Ivar - sounds like Sweden? Exactly, because you may know these Swedish boy names from your local Ikea. But before you start browsing the shelves for possible baby names, stick to our list. Because most furniture names are actually terms from the Swedish language that are hardly suitable as children's names.

Swedish first names are incredibly diverse. In addition to everyday first names such as Björn and Jens, there are sonorous individual names such as Eilif (the one who lives forever) or Alvar (the natural spirit) among the Swedish boy names. Many of them have a somewhat edgy sound to us and sound suitable for a full-grown man even in adulthood.

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We have put together the most beautiful modern Swedish boy names for you. By the way, our favorite is “Eric”. The name means "little brother" and is one more reason to think about the second 😉

Here is a list of the most beautiful Swedish boy names with meanings:

Swedish surname

By the way, for a long time it was customary in Sweden for children's surnames to be derived from the father's first name. So children did not have the same family name, but were called daughter of or son of. Karl's daughter would have been called Karldotter (Karl + ending -dotter for daughter) and his son Karlson (Karl + ending -son for son).

When more and more men entered the military and could hardly be distinguished because of the same names, the regulation was lifted. In addition, new names had to be found as alternatives to Anderson and Larson. These names were often formed from things found in nature. Lindgren's name is Lindenzweig, for example, you can guess what Bergman means. Today surnames like Andersson no longer allow conclusions to be drawn about the father's first name. They are common surnames like Müller and Maier in Germany.

Why would you want to give your baby a Swedish boy name and which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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