Folks, why did your last relationship come to an end?

Five signs that your relationship deserves another chance

5. You have pretended to be

We often want to look as good as possible, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Lots of clever stuff, arranging overly romantic dates, delivering one climax after the other. Unfortunately, we mostly lose sight of ourselves and suddenly find ourselves in some role that we never intended to play. Become a big spender, a party crasher or a sex machine, and if we are unlucky we are stuck in it for years. At some point we ask ourselves why everything feels so oppressive with this person and what it is all about. The thing is: only you determine whether you wear a mask or whether you show yourself. Become yourself again, as difficult as it may feel at a certain point. Because that's the only way real intimacy can come about.

And now?

There is of course a guarantee for nothing. It may well be that in the end you will have wasted precious life to find out: It really wasn't this person. But then you at least know that for sure, and you don't have to worry, like me, after my first long relationship for years about whether you might have made the biggest mistake of your life in your twenties.

Do you still have questions? For example, like, “What if I'm in a really crappy relationship? You don’t seriously mean that I should continue to give myself that? "

Nope. Not really. Should you regularly feel nauseated at the sight of your counterpart (and it is clearly unrelated to your visits to this dubious taco shop), your friend overwhelms your body / intellect / wardrobe with abuse, or you know with a probability bordering on certainty that he is planning a poison attack on you, then: take your legs in hand and run as fast as you can!