What is your teacher's biggest secret?

"The Greatest Secret. The Biggest Secret "by Rhonda Byrne

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Thousands of years of experience says: In order to hide a secret, one should hide it where no one will think of looking for it. Millions of people around the world have searched for the truth - but few have found it. These few are free from negativity and live in lasting happiness and peace. The rest of us, whether we are aware of it or not, are ceaselessly searching for this truth every single day of our lives. What secret could be so life changing? What unique discovery offers a direct path to ending suffering and living a life of deep joy?

The Greatest Secret - The greatest secret is a quantum leap that leads beyond the material world into the spiritual realm where everything is possible. The Greatest Secret: Profound wisdom from spiritual teachers around the world - past and present - who discovered the greatest secret. Healing practices that can be used immediately to help overcome our fears, insecurities, worries and pains. The ultimate key to ending our suffering and finding lasting happiness. “The Secret” showed you how you can create, be and have whatever you want. Nothing has changed about that, it is as true today as ever. This book reveals the greatest discovery a person can ever make, and shows you how to overcome all of your negative thoughts and feelings, all of your problems, and anything you do not wish for, into a life of lasting joy and happiness Happiness to arrive. ”- from: The Greatest Secret

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Rhonda Byrne

The native Australian Rhonda Byrne began her journey in 2006 with the documentary "The Secret" about the "Law of Attraction", which was made by ...

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