Why are some dreams impossible to come true

Herman on the way

Most of the obstacles to the fulfillment of our dreams do not come from outside, but lie within ourselves. How we overcome them and which people we take as an example ...

First of all, the bad news: Dreams don't just come true. For the fulfillment of a dream you have to fight - and maybe even feel like you've landed in your own nightmare instead.

Such a situation is the reason why I am writing these lines today. After many repairs to Herman that have already been carried out, we are stuck again.

Of course, we knew beforehand that there is probably something wrong with buying a vehicle that is 45 years old ...
And we knew it could be difficult to get replacement parts.
We also knew that it would consume a lot of our savings ... and we knew ...

Yes, that was to be expected from the start, but still it is sometimes difficult to keep your nerve.

But that's not really the point.

The point is that we must not let expected difficulties prevent us from realizing our dreams! Of course, stony stretches are to be expected along the way. But if we are not completely satisfied with the life we ​​are leading, then we should do something about it! Leaving the usual path and fundamentally changing things is always uncomfortable. But should we stay in an unhappy state in order to avoid entering a difficult phase on the way to a life that we might like better? No!

But with the fear that it could be difficult, they sit heavily on our shoulders - the obstacles in ourselves. They ensure that we don't get a leg in the dreamed direction in front of the other. Yes, it is even too difficult to get up and even to take a very first step ...

How we slow ourselves down

Obstacle 1 weighs directly on us with the weight of Mount Everest:

I'm not good enough for ...

I know this obstacle as well as I know a best friend. But let's be honest: this is not an obstacle, rather an excuse.

The reason not to bring our dreams to life because we are not good enough for something arises from self-doubt, from fear of the unknown and challenges and the fear of failing - to have to admit that you are really no good and you actually are could have known beforehand that one would not make it. But the thing is very simple: if we are not good enough for something, then we have to become it! Sounds like a bad life help guide, but it is.

Let's take this very acidic today as an example:

The fear of not being good enough to be able to solve all the problems that will arise on a 45 year old truck was in the room from the start. Neither of us are screwdrivers - it would be honest to say: we have no idea!

On the way back from the long-distance mobile home meeting, we encountered a small electrical problem. We spent several hours looking for the fault. We measured voltages, relocated connections, looked inside switches ... and in the end we were just about to blow everything up, because at the same time our brakes were lying around the car in individual parts and various other things on the vehicle were on us wait, of which we of course also do not yet know the solution.

And then a friend came along. He spent five minutes with the wiring under Herman's dashboard and everything could be switched as it should. The question "am I good enough to drive to the most remote places in the world in such a car" is often asked in such situations. And the answer can only be:
No, maybe not ... but if I want to live the dream of freedom and deserted expanses, then I have to see that I will!

Yes, it’s uncomfortable as a shit, it costs nerves, it takes a lot of effort and we hate having to annoy our friend with technical problems all the time. But even in this situation there is so much good if you just look closely.

Because of our problems with Herman, we got to know people who are just incredible and whose friendship means so much more than just reaching a goal without any obstacles!

Said friend didn't just save the electrics for us today. He also made us laugh again, encouraged new courage, imparted new knowledge and gave us the right kick in the ass to continue: "You knew such problems would come! So go ahead and carry on!

Right. We knew it ... and with the dream in mind and such great friends, we will “become good enough” to solve the coming problems, perhaps, without the screwdriver having to intervene!

By the way: Don't even make it up to yourself that you want to become “good enough for it” before you get started. Wanting to learn everything beforehand does not lead to anything other than learning forever and never starting!

First research this and take that course, a lot of people ask ... no matter how well you do your research beforehand and how many opinions you get - opinions apply to the people who have expressed them and not to you!

Nor will you be omniscient before you get up and take the first step. Sure, after years we could still research what might be an even better travel vehicle for us - but then we would still be sitting at home in an apartment that we don't like and that costs way too much money, we would still be too Tormenting jobs that were no longer fun ... and we would still be just as far away from the guarantee that we would be lucky enough to choose the vehicle!

I don't have the money to do it

Yes, start-up capital is an important basis for fulfilling some dreams. So what to do when we don't have any money?

So as not to just unleash some clever would-be wisdom, let's just tell again about ourselves:

Before we planned to live wherever we like, regardless of location, none of us really saved a lot. You put a little something on the high edge, for bad times and a clear conscience, as it is quite normal for many. Otherwise, we did a lot of small things that made sure that we didn't get richer.

Micha went to the hardware store every day to tinker with the funniest and most unnecessary things, for example I bought pumps - not because I can walk on them so well, but simply because I found them beautiful and liked to put them on the shelf ... very useful! We paid a lot of rent and since it was more convenient to just let the existing contracts run, there were also too many ancillary costs like insurance and everything that you just have.

After a few road trips together, we slowly realized: It is simply not enough for us to just be on vacation together. Life is far too short to really see us only on weekends and in general:

There just has to be more than that!

Slowly but surely we became clear about how we wanted to shape our lives in the future. Doubts and fears such as “are we good enough” naturally also arose - but the desire grew stronger and stronger. One thing was certain: We needed as much start-up capital as possible not only to build our mobile house, but also to keep ourselves afloat until we could generate income from self-employment that was to be built up (exactly: we have to be "good enough" for that too) become!).

So we started to save. No more purchases that have nothing to do with the matter, no luxury like going out to eat, no new clothes, selling all possessions that do not fit into 12 square meters of living space for 2 people, changing contracts or, best of all, canceling them entirely…. We even saved the rent for the apartment, half a year before Herman was "ready" to move into and moved into our tiny box van!

You can also work on the side or take dogs for a walk for pocket money, look for a smaller apartment, switch from car to bike ... there are so many ways to save money - the dream is worth it and you will see, it's even fun!

Don't save until the bitter end!

Here, too, of course, our own experience comes into play, because before the thought of earning money on the go, there was another idea: To save until we are financially independent, like some travelers like the Two Vagabonds or Burkhard and Sabine von the Piste cow have done successfully.

According to our financial advisor, however, that would have taken us until we were in our early 50s ... with the risk of losing everything. Fortunately, the managing directors of the investments in which we wanted to put our savings were already in custody two days BEFORE our planned signature for tax evasion (no, that's not a joke). The question of whether our dreams are actually still our dreams in our mid-50s has brought us to the personal decision: Yes, save - spend the vast majority of your life with it, NO!

I have a handicap, I am too young / too old ...

Now people come into play, from whom we want to take a huge example. Known and unknown way.

Like someone we met at Europe's largest long-distance motorhome meeting and are happy to see him there again year after year. He shows us how to deal with it when you can no longer walk well - the electric wheelchair with all the trimmings is simply made suitable for off-road use: lift kit, off-road tires, brackets for the sand sheets and the thing is ready for the next excursion lasting several hours with the dog across the field and to winter in Africa!

Don't let paralyzed legs paralyze you at all: Dergin Tokmak, for example, who developed polio at the age of three, shows this. He says:

No disability is so great or so restrictive that it could prevent someone from dancing.
Dergin Tokmak

Be sure to check out this short interview of a dancer who can't move his legs !!!

Margarete Steiff, the founder of the company, whose stuffed animals have the famous “button in their ear”, also fell ill with polio as a child. She couldn't use her legs or right hand and said the remarkable sentence:

It's not worth it to mourn your sick legs when your whole life runs away.
Margarete Steiff

Of course, there are hundreds of other physical reasons for having to achieve a goal by different means than other people. But you should try to see how Bettina Eistel was born without arms. The qualified psychologist leads the reins of her horse with feet and mouth and says:

I am not disabled. I'm just functional differently!
Bettina Eistel

The Englishwoman Helen Tew was not disabled. But she gave this advice after crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat at the age of 89 - she had been traveling for 11 months.

Don't listen to the pessimists. There is always someone who wants to tell you that you cannot do something because it is too difficult or too dangerous, because you are too young or too old. There is no right time for anything. Just do it. It's never too late to do the things you've always wanted to do.
Helen Tew

I don't have time for ...

Instead of: "I have no time" you could also say: "It is not important enough to me."

Time is not given to you, you have to take it. That's a really stupid-sounding saying that annoyed me about my grandma's. But somehow she was right too. Because just as you can save tasks, you also have to start saving time in order to work on the project that is close to your heart.

Whenever you turn on the television in the evening, then you actually have time. If you are reading this report right now, then you actually have time. Even if you think too long about what to wear every day and waste energy on such unimportant decisions, then you actually have time.

Yes, the last example may sound a bit far-fetched, but it is not at all: Steve Jobs or Marc Zuckerberg, for example, show how it is. At a press conference, the founder of Facebook answered the question why he always wears the same t-shirt by explaining that he wants to make as few unnecessary decisions as possible in his life that do not improve Facebook. Since even small decisions like clothing choices take time and energy, he tries to avoid such things.

If we take such, actually free time, not for our dream, the matter is probably just not important enough to us!

It was really not nice, we have to admit that: Having time to build our truck meant: leaving the house to work at half past six in the morning, from there 12 hours later, quite exhausted, into the car and driving for an hour until the Screwdriver hall where the “Herman” construction site was waiting for us. Now quickly eat some bread, dig out tools and spend an hour or two doing work that you never thought you would do. Pack up, drive home for an hour, go to bed at 1am and go to work again at 6.30am ... yes, more time would have been really nice, but everything works for a certain period of time.

Sometimes it got really cozy, at dinner in the screwdriver hall. Like here on the day of admission

I am responsible for someone

Taking responsibility for someone else means that you can't just do what you want.

With the decision to have children or to look after a relative ourselves, we give up a large part of our personal freedom for a very long time and have to stand by this decision.

Fortunately for both of us it was clear from a very early age that children were not the right thing for us and a final line was drawn under the topic. But we too have taken responsibility for another living being that has not chosen to live with us. Our elderly female dog, Fenja, is the reason why we don't just go on air travel and pack our rucksacks and why our dream destinations far away are not even reached by truck. Shipments or trips that involve a lot of driving kilometers every day (e.g. due to time restrictions due to visas) are only an option for us once we are out and about without a dog - which will hopefully take a long time!

But does life stand still because of that and all your own desires are overboard? For many dreams, responsibility for someone else isn't really a limitation at all. The important task of taking care of someone takes a lot of time and energy, but nevertheless (or perhaps because of it) you should also treat yourself to breaks in which you can devote yourself to your own passions. Only then will we be able to continue to lovingly meet the demands placed on us.

If your dream is also to be permanently on the go, then of course you have to struggle with more restrictions in your own realization. We only have to coordinate our travel plans with the well-being of our dog, with school-age children it looks different.

But the same applies to people with children: your own life has not stopped and you don't just have to live through the eyes of your children. We know people who unfortunately only tell what their children can do and experience great things. But if you ask about your own hobbies, it suddenly becomes completely quiet and often people say: My children are my hobby. But at some point children also go their own way, and by then you mustn't have lost yourself.

If you have school-age children and want to be out and about: Do it like Burkhard and Sabine and use the time to save financial reserves for unlimited travel as soon as the children can take care of themselves. The two prepared their daughter from the start for her plans to be “gone” as soon as she grew up. It certainly does no harm to becoming independent any more than it does to a child's self-confidence to know from an early age that they cannot always rely on their parents to take care of everything, but that they have to take responsibility into their own hands.

Or you have the passion like Christian Ivan, who wants to show and teach his children the world. The family of four lives in their mobile home and is on the road for 10 to 11 months a year.The native Romanian and his French wife, who lived in Germany, had to fight through several instances to have their children exempt from compulsory schooling. After registering in a French school, the two of them, who speak 5 languages ​​fluently, now teach their children homeshooling on the go. We got to know Christian Ivan at a workshop he held at the long-distance motorhome meeting. He said that he was once asked at one of these workshops what would become of his children without going to school. His answer was: My children will one day become people who will create jobs for your children ...

People like him are always learning, always setting new goals for which they “want to become good enough”. Let inner obstacles hold you back? No chance! For this they have our greatest appreciation and respect!

I don't know where to start

Is your dream linked to many different challenges and the number of topics that you have to deal with alone overwhelms you?

Don't worry, this stupid feeling has given us a headache. Build a suitcase? How do you start there, what material do you use, how can you process it, what tools do we have to get and how do you use them? Restoring a truck ... no problem for a veterinary assistant and an art director! How can we make money on the go? How does it work with self-employment? As a vet's assistant, can I somehow earn money on the go or should I just tick the whole thing off right away? Registration address, Long-term international health insurance, Vintage car reports, axle load distribution, SEO optimization ... the list of terms around which the question marks were almost as impenetrable as the thorn hedges around the Sleeping Beauty's Castle seemed to go on forever.

What we found: You don't have to solve all the puzzles at once. To get started, all you have to do is get up and take a first step; Pick a single problem. After this step comes the next one. Always one after the other. On our way it happened to us that suddenly days came when several decisions had to be made and you didn't really have time to deal with them in detail - but by then we were already "battle-tested" and knew that it was always goes on; even if we made the wrong decision.

By the way: If you are also interested in the above-mentioned terms, then definitely continue to accompany us here. We will gradually report in detail on all topics and pass on our experiences!

Don't despair if something really doesn't work

Of course, there can be obstacles between you personally and your individual dreams that you really cannot overcome. But you can do so many wonderful things, if you only want, that fill you with happiness - also, or especially when there are obstacles to overcome. In the end, isn't that what makes us particularly proud?

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