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10 useful Kanji for everyday life in Japan

乾杯 (か ん ぱ い) - kanpai

At evening parties with friends and colleagues, you have probably heard this word more often and said it yourself. But here you can see his kanji! Now you can write, email and text your beer drinking greetings!

9. 祝 儀 袋 - envelope for gifts of money

入 相 の 鐘 (い り あ い の か ね) - iriai no kane

If you've lived in the suburbs on the outskirts of a big city, or far out in the country, you've probably heard the music that echoes through the city at 5 p.m. (or 4 p.m. in winter when the days get shorter). The music is a signal for the neighborhood kids to let them know it's getting late and they should go home.

7. 非常 - Emergency

八 重 歯 (や え ば) - yaeba

Something that is perceived as extremely cute, especially among the younger generation of women, is the phenomenon of overlapping teeth. While some people are blessed with these pointy canines from birth, others have surgically adjusted them. Even if many Westerners would pay to have that corrected, there are some Japanese women who proudly flaunt this trend. Well, now you have the kanji to hand for when you want to change your teeth the next time you visit the dentist.

5. 居 眠 り - Sleep at work

居 眠 り (い ね む り) - inemuri

You probably shouldn't do this in this country, but this phenomenon is quite common in Japan. Sleeping at work, or even while using public transport, can be seen as a sign of the hard work and exertion put in at work. Why not give your employer a try on this justification to get some peace of mind?

4. 代金 引 換 - Cash on delivery

代金 引 換 (だ い き ん ひ き か え) - daikin hikikae

Many expats in Japan have had the difficult experience of having their credit card application rejected. That makes the convenient online shopping quite daunting. But many online stores offer the option of paying cash on delivery. Look out for these kanji and select this option if you want to continue spending money without a credit card.

3. 満 員 電車 - Fully occupied train

自動 販 売 機 (じ ど う は ん ば い き) - jidōhanbaiki

Japan is the land of vending machines! And while they're a great way to grab yourself a quick drink on the go, Japanese kanji are certainly less memorable. However, by now you should be well prepared to find the nearest machine.

1. 加熱 便 座 - Heated toilet seat