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Have you found the right job with us and are still unsure how to optimally prepare your documents? We have put together some tips for you on this page so that you can score even better with us with your application.

Cover letter - why you are the right one for us

Your cover letter should briefly explain why you are the right person for our company - please do not write a novel! Make sure that all names and addresses are spelled correctly and do not forget to tell us which position, in which area and at which location you are applying.

CV - your life in rapid succession

Your curriculum vitae should be clearly laid out and divided into meaningful sections so that we can get an overview of your previous experience. Leave out unimportant information that is not relevant to the position. Instead, describe your professional stations or your studies or school days with additional information, such as areas of responsibility or focal points.

Application photo - the first impression counts

An application photo is of course not absolutely necessary, but it always leaves a first impression. But: No vacation photos or selfies, please! A self-made photo is certainly well suited for social media, but it looks out of place in your application. It is better to invest a little time and money in professional photos that properly showcase you.

Upload file attachments correctly

Please limit yourself to meaningful attachments that are actually relevant for the position. The files should have meaningful names (e.g. cover letter from John Doe) and should be uploaded in the correct file formats; We cannot open ZIP files. Since Word documents can be easily manipulated, we generally recommend that you upload all files in PDF format.

Application check - four eyes see more than two

It is best to have someone proofread your documents and check them for possible spelling or formatting errors. Please make sure to select the correct file (s) when uploading.

You can find useful information on the application process here.