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13 reasons to travel to Canada

I was lucky enough to be able to make a long trip to Canada in 2016. With a Work & Travel Visa I went to Canada in May and the great journey had begun.

I want to stay for a year, in the end everything turned out differently, but that is another article.

Canada has excited and fascinated me and I will definitely come back and explore and discover a lot more of this great country.

If you are still not sure whether Canada is the right travel destination for you, then here are 13 reasons for your trip to Canada. Let's see if I can whet your appetite.


13 reasons to travel to Canada

The Canadians

Canadians are friendly, helpful, open and always ready to chat.

I met only one really unfriendly person during my four months in Canada. Well and my dubious car salesman who turned me on a car that was ready for scrap.

When you walk through the streets there is always a friendly atmosphere and you see many smiling faces.

What impressed me most, however, was their willingness to help and their trust.

I wanted to go to a farm near Calgary to woofen, everything had already been agreed and the appointment was unfortunately a little later than I had wished for. That's why I was in Calgary a few days beforehand, where my Wooofinghosts also have a house.

Well and what can I say, I was allowed to stay in your house for four nights. Although they have never seen me before, the key was in the agreed place and I had a wonderful place to stay in Calgary.


The wonderful lakes

Canada's lakes are blue, turquoise, or green and beautiful. Some reflect the environment, others inspire with their color or shape.

Canada's lakes are worth visiting, not just the most famous lakes such as Lake Louise, Peyto Lake or Moraine Lake.

My favorite picture of a lake is on the Hike to the teahouse on Lake Agnes originated.



My trip to Canada started in Toronto and in between I returned to Toronto. I met great people here and I really liked the city.

I have an article with Toronto tipswritten in which you can learn a lot.

I would also like to recommend the district “The Beaches” to you. Here I lived in a wonderful Airbnb, only five minutes from the beach but also only 10 minutes from lots of small cafes, restaurants and pubs.

The connection to the city center is great by public transport, but you can also walk into town and discover lots of great little shops and boutiques.



In Canada you have the opportunity to see many animals in the wild. There are sugar-sweet chipmunks, always and everywhere squirrels, but also beavers and marmots can be discovered.

The wildlife in Canada is varied and diverse and there is much more to see than bears and moose. How about some whale watching off Canada's coasts?

Not everyone is lucky enough to discover all the animals on their trip to Canada, but it is not only worth visiting this country again because of the animals.


Lonely beaches

You certainly don't think of a beach vacation when I talk about Canada. But why not?

Canada has tons of great beaches. For example on Toronto Island or the Beaches in Vancouver. However, there is always something going on here and you will not enjoy being alone on the beach.

We discovered loads of wonderful secluded beaches on our trip through Canada. And often by chance. It wasn't exactly bathing weather, but a walk on the beach is wonderful in any weather!


The big and small waterfalls

Sure, Canada has Niagara Falls, but Canada has so much nicer waterfalls in the middle of great nature. Especially in the national parks there are often breathtaking waterfalls to discover.

Most of these are signposted and you can't really miss them.


On the road

In Canada, the journey is the goal. There are so many wonderful roads. Driving is always super relaxed, even on the highway, because you can never drive faster than 120 km / h. Mostly only 100.

I found it super relaxed and a road trip is just the perfect way to travel Canada.

Definitely don't miss this one Carbot Trailand you should drive the Icefiel Parkway with lots of stops.



At first I was really disappointed and I was really wondering what should be so great about Vancouver. But on my second visit I really liked Vancouver. Mountains, sea, nature, everything right around the city.

And the city itself also has a lot to offer. Vancouver may not be my number one, but it is definitely one of the reasons to visit Canada.


Outdoor activities

Do you fancy canoeing through the wonderful nature? Do you want to really exhaust yourself hiking? Has riding in the midst of breathtaking landscapes always been your dream? Rafting in raging rivers or would you prefer to go by bike?

Welcome to Canada. You can experience all of this and much, much more on your trip to Canada. The Canadians are super active and somehow always out and about. I have never seen so many joggers as in Canada.

If you fancy some action in nature, Canada is the right destination for you.


Wonderful accommodations

The variety of accommodation is great and there is something for everyone. So there are of course hostels and hotels but also a lot of individual and wonderful accommodations that are completely different.

I recommend staying in bed and breakfasts. Here I have very different and always in my own way great accommodations got to know. The hosts were always super friendly and had a lot of tips that cannot be found in the travel guide.


A trip to Canada is worthwhile at any time of the year

Canada is so diverse that a trip to Canada in winter, summer, fall and spring is wonderful. You can ski in winter, go swimming in summer, visit the awakening of nature in spring and experience the breathtaking colors of autumn.

Canada is different and special every season and it will definitely not be the last time I have been to Canada. Because I really want to experience the colors of autumn in Eastern Canada and discover the northern lights in winter.


Quebec - so very different

The Quebec region is so very different from the rest of Canada. Not only is French spoken here, the people are also somehow different.

And the big cities are also different from the other metropolises in Canada. Quebec Citytakes you a bit to Europe in the middle of Canada and when you stroll through the alleys of the old town, you almost forget that you are in Canada and not in France.

An exciting region with a charm all of its own.



Canada is incredibly diverse and has so much to offer. Every region is different and has its own characteristics. If so many rave about the West, I was also totally enthusiastic about Eastern Canada.

There are metropolises and tourist magnets, but you can also find solitude in the middle of this wonderful nature.

Canada has done it to me and I will come again to get to know and love other facets of this great country.

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