What does Donald Trump eat

United States - Melania Trump chats about her family's favorite food

Caviar, steak or fast food - what does US President Donald Trump's family actually eat? First Lady Melania Trump chats at an event in Las Vegas and reveals: Once she makes something to eat herself, nothing special comes on the table. This is mainly due to her busy schedule

"I have a team of 12 people in my office in the east wing and we work very hard, very detailed," says the first lady. Apart from that, she has around 100 other employees in the White House to supervise. The historic maintenance of the White House is also one of Trump's wife's duties.

There is no time to cook it yourself, but “there are always a few snacks I can make for my son when he comes home from school.” The kitchen team at the White House would do a great job. They are real professionals and she would want to keep them, "said Melania.

When asked about the family's favorite meal, they ultimately choose a down-to-earth classic: "Maybe spaghetti?"

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