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3 Good Things - How to Appreciate Your Daily Life More

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Sometimes everything is stupid. Nothing is going well. Everything goes wrong. These are the days when I torture myself out of bed with little energy and have the feeling that everything is crap. Every now and then it is due to the carousel of thoughts that robbed me of sleep, an argument with my partner, stress with the family or a weekend that is too full. Perhaps the last words of appreciation were too long ago. Ironically, when the self-esteem account is in the red, a reproachful comment on the blog may be waiting to be approved.

Maybe you know these days. Such a hole is not so wild if the floor soon rises again and the edge comes close to climb out.But people in a depressive episode do not come out of the low so quickly. I know what I'm talking about because a year and a half ago I had a phase like this.

When I lost sight of the positive

One of the main problems was that I had forgotten how to look at the positive things. Everything was stupid - for weeks, months. I could no longer appreciate that my job was safe and well paid, that I saw the world on business trips and that I was the right-hand man with a lot of responsibility.

I only saw unmanageable mountains of tasks, senselessness and at 10:43 pm my boss's SMS starting with: "We still have to ..."

When my body and mind threw in the towel as a collective, I was at home for six months, finally quit and laboriously worked my way out of a burnout. Part of the way out of my depths were the meetings with Patrick and some inspiring books that I still draw from today.

Food for thought for a new habit

At the time, I got food for thought from Shawn Achor's “Happiness Advantage”. He recommends in the book Write down three positive things every day. Patrick and I found the idea exciting and started a shared Evernote note with three good things.

  1. Koch flow
  2. Nice evening with friends
  3. Been invited to the beer garden

One and a half years and about 3,285 good things later (365 days * 1.5 years * 3 good things * 2 people) I notice: it's the only habit we've kept going straight through from the start.

Due to the length of a note, the Evernote app went on strike at some point. So we created “3 more good things”, later “3 more good things”.

Until today we write down the highlights of the day every evening. Together every habit is easier, because we push each other on and ask if the three good things from the previous day are missing. In order to hold out to this day, it was crucial that we are curious about what good has happened to the other.

We think that without reading each other we would have given up long ago. As a result, we would also advise you to share your three good things with someone.

What can it do?

At first we didn't even know what to expect from the habit. At first it was a gimmick - I was at home anyway and had time.

  1. Watching football
  2. Good smoothies mixed
  3. Stand up paddling workout

Today I am always aware of what the habit brought me to. I would have been more annoyed about negative events in the past and saw in it another slap in the face of the day.

In contrast, I am now thinking about a flat: ,It could have been worse. You can write that down today as one of the three good things. ‘

For example, two weeks ago I thought that I could have got the record in the pampas, far away from a bike shop, a train stop or my home.

I force myself to see things positively or to recognize the spark of happiness. That helps me to realize that - like the other day on the way home - I only have to push my bike a few hundred meters instead of several kilometers.

Habit is also used for more important issues than the nature of a bicycle tube.

  1. 100th Review for No Worries
  2. Balcony weather
  3. Inbox Zero done

A year ago, for example, I was still annoyed that I had to give up my dream career.

Today I see the positive turn this change of direction has brought with it. The lousy circumstances in my former job made me rethink how I want to live and work. Literally inspired by James Altucher's “Choose yourself”, I was forced to choose a new life that makes me much happier today.

Of course, everything is still not pink. On very bad days I still find it difficult to name three good things. Then I doubt: am I just talking beautifully about things? Am I a bit crazy, comparable to the pastor in the film "Adam's Apples", that I desperately want to see the positive (because a brain tumor causes it)?

It may seem that with the habit you learn to twist, gloss over, glorify things. But it doesn't matter if you are overly positive about the events in your life. After all, it's about making you feel good. A large part of this happens in your head. In the daily maelstrom of worries, we are easily tempted to use a negative filter.

  1. Funny poetry slam
  2. Mailbox message from ...
  3. Had lots of motivating ideas

Even after bad days I have overcome myself again and again and still wrote something down. And if the weather was good. I don't want to give up the habit, because I secretly know that it will be easier for me the next day or a few days later. I also want to know what was going on at Patrick's.

Our three good things

You've probably seen a lot of good things yesterday and today. Here is an excerpt from our thousands of good things for inspiration:

  1. Healthy session
  2. Sports / Bootcamp / TRX / Soccer
  3. Enjoy your meal
  4. Worked in the café
  5. Been productive
  6. Good feedback from ...
  7. Many visitors to Healthy Habits
  8. walk
  9. Good conversation with ...
  10. Quiet evening
  11. Bike lap in the best weather
  12. Book finished
  13. Gift from ...
  14. Clear ship made in the apartment
  15. Overcame for cooking

Incidentally, we recently changed the habit slightly. We now try to write down at least five good things every daybecause sometimes it seems too easy for us to find three good things. If we spend a healthy co-working session together, then did sport and the weather was nice, three good things are already set. But we want to train to perceive even more good things.

Do you want to try?

It is best to try out for yourself whether and which of the following variants are right for you. We are very satisfied with variant 2 and are convinced that the habit has given us lasting training in terms of positive perception.

version 1

Put paper and pen next to your bed and write down three good things that happened to you every night.
Advantage: All you need is these simple tools and keep things to yourself.
Disadvantage: Your motivation could quickly drop because nobody is looking over your shoulder.
Solutions: You can read the note to your partner or choose option 2.

Variant 2

Create a digital Evernote via app or browser and share it with a buddy (or via Whatsapp).
Advantage: You are not alone and you are motivated by your 3 good things buddy.
Disadvantage: You will sometimes have to think a thing or two more if you don't want to share intimate good things. You also need a cell phone, tablet or other device, which can be a bottleneck (doesn't exactly help with digital detox!).
Solution: You can make your entry during the day if you are already working on a device.

What three good things did you experience today? Get started and write your three good things in a comment!

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