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Security in Los Angeles

It's about security in Los Angeles badly ordered, you'd think: gangs on every corner that regularly fight each other, and if you happen to see a chase on TV, then it's most likely taking place in LA.

However, the reality is a little different for vacationers, even if one one or the other tip but heed it and with the high number of homeless people should be able to handle ...

Crime, gangs & Co.

Of course, the crime rate in Los Angeles is well above the US average, but that shouldn't come as a surprise, as it is a big city. Around not an exceptionally dangerous one but, because - and this may come as a surprise - the crime rate is well below that of San Francisco.

It is therefore difficult to assess why the city is often perceived as so dangerous. Maybe play television a role here, as dozens of detectives investigate countless murder cases there every week.

Especially since the series of course often make an effort to preserve the environment to portray more sinisterthan it actually is. Las Vegas also struggled with its reputation as a for decades thanks to its representation in film and television Capital of the mobalthough there was never any extraordinary danger for tourists - on the contrary: If so, then it hit and hit local people.

Realistically, the only serious problem in the LA region is the ones discussed earlier Gangswhich especially the poorer neighborhoods split among themselves and regularly fight small wars there. Small wars, of which you as a tourist do not notice anything, because almost all the sights are located outside of these problem areas.

Unsafe neighborhoods

The "gangland", as it is sometimes called colloquially, begins south of Interstate 10 and extends from Inglewood and Hawthorne over the East Side to Carson and Compton. There are real sights in this area, mostly as South Central in summary, none.

The only catch: West of Inglewood and Hawthorne is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Who before departure or after arrival in a Airport hotel stays overnight, inevitably ends up in one of the two districts.

Situation at the airport

For this reason, it makes sense to consider something when choosing an airport hotel to dig deeper into your pocket: Motels like Super 8 should be here no option represent - they may not actually be unsafe, but the environment and clientele are at least uncomfortable to unsettling.

Recommended hotels at the airport include the Courtyard LAX and the Hampton Inn in Hawthorne.

Driving through these districts by car is not a big problem, even at night, unless you are in the back alleys lost. Stick to the major interstates, usually I-405!

You should also be a little careful when visiting downtown: Skid Row, southeast of Pershing Square, should be avoided. Many drug addicts hang around there.

Other risks

That being said, there are numerous neighborhoods that are a little bit look dingyin which, however, security is not threatened. These include Santa Monica off the coast and the side streets in Hollywood and, last but not least, Venice Beach and Downtown, where you can very many homeless people as well as one or the other junkie.

This is sometimes uncomfortable, but usually during the day not dangerous. At night you should be a little more careful and stick to the typical nightlife areas.

Also the Risk of an earthquake should of course be kept in mind in Los Angeles. But the risk of it happening on the three or four days of your visit to "Big One" comes is minimal.

Small earthquakes are commonHowever, as a rule, they do not pose any danger. Anyone traveling with children should, however, discuss the possibility of tremors and the right behavior in the event of an accident in advance.

Safety tips in Los Angeles

The most realistic risk is - like in any other big city - being a victim of pickpocketing or Car break-in to become.

However, with the usual precautionary measures, this risk can be significantly reduced:

  • Don't leave any valuables in the car, not even briefly
  • stow any suitcases in the non-visible trunk
  • if possible, leave your passports and cash reserves in the hotel safe
  • Carry larger amounts of money in a chest strap
  • especially don't look too much like a tourist at night
In other words, if you use your common sense, you're safe in Los Angeles. The risk of getting lost or accidentally getting caught between two gangs is basically non-existent. So: Enjoy your vacation, relaxed!
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