British companies do not hire Europeans

It won't get any nicer after Brexit

Regardless of whether the Europeans and the British come to an agreement this week: what kind of future relationship is this supposed to be that is already poisoned by so much resentment?

What a lamentable farce, this Brexit - and what an abyss into which the citizens on both sides of the English Channel are forced to look! Because no one is kidding yourself: whether the negotiators of the British government and the Europeans are still agreeing on how things should go from the New Year with the fishing rights, the prevention of British environmental and social dumping and a control of state aid for British companies, is immediately important - in the medium term, however, it is only a footnote to the political future.

Because it is time to be aware of a dark fact on both sides: there is deep distrust between the British government and the Union. This is probably even an understatement: anyone who, for example, reads his former employer, the Telegraph, in those newspapers that are favored by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, how Brexit is to be interpreted, will be shocked to discover that large parts of the conservative British Facing EU establishments with hostility. All those whispering comments about the Union being an empire! These puerile appeals to stand upright and upright and free instead of becoming a vassal of the EU - which, however, is a delicate contradiction in terms, supposedly crumbling in front of the reader's eyes.

How the Union would like to walk into a bright future even after signing a trade deal with a British government of such animosity is extremely dubious. The mere fact that, in the last few days and hours, the main argument has been about a mechanism that would automatically trigger EU punitive tariffs on British imports if the UK, contrary to its promises and with the intention of dumping, watered down its environmental and workplace regulations the mutual distrust of days. Insofar as it is to be feared, Brexit will not come to an end as long as Johnson is in power. Because as a political prop that he can roll onto the stage every time the people are dissatisfied with his administration, detachment from Europe is splendid. And that's not good news for those hoping for a mutually supportable relationship.