Is RMIT University good

Preparation for the stay abroad

Application process

For my application I had to submit an application form to IEC, an application form for the
Submit RMIT, an academic record, certificates, language certificates and ID documents.
Then we had to wait for the response from the Australian university and then everything went
quite fast. After receiving my acceptance, I paid the tuition fees for mine
Secure a place at university and I received the documents I needed for my visa application. in the
Below I describe some of the most important things I need to do when planning the
I had to organize a semester abroad:


Applying for the visa turned out to be a bit more of a challenge. After this
I had filled out the many pages for the visa application, it said I should have another medical
Do an examination - a medical examination, which is overpriced in my opinion, which only by
two doctors throughout Germany (at the time of my application), with whom I, among other things,
Reading letters from a distance, doing squats, and talking about mine
had to perform school achievements in the Abitur, for just under € 220 + € 60 for an X-ray
Admission. When that was done too, I had to wait for my visa to be confirmed. Just a day before
my departure and after endless phone calls, visits to the embassy where nobody gave me
could provide information on the status of my visa application and a long phase of the
Uncertainty, I finally got my visa. As a rule, the processing time of the
Student visa at the time of my application between 4 and 13 days. Why is mine
Application took so long (more than 2 months), I was unable to receive any information, but I did
was just happy to have received my visa, to enter Australia and my semester abroad
finally to be able to begin.

BAföG & grants

Since I got the tuition fees for the semester at RMIT University of just under 8600 AUD
had to pay myself, I applied for BAföG abroad, but here too the worm seems to be in there
be. The BAföG office assured me that I am entitled to BAföG, but with the
Decision whether I get something from the Auslands BAföG for the tuition fees or the
The responsible BAföG office is still taking its time.
However, I received good news regarding the PROMOS scholarship, for which I have signed up
additionally applied and received this for the duration of my semester abroad. For this I had to
register online in the portal and prepare and submit the following documents:
- Confirmation from the host institution stating the length of stay
- A curriculum vitae in tabular form with a passport photo
- A letter of motivation including a description of the study project abroad
- A current report from a university professor
- My academic credentials
- A list of all courses attended so far
- A language certificate that is not older than two years (I took a DAAD language test for this)


I booked my flight with STA-Travel. For the return flight from Frankfurt to
Melbourne + Flex ticket for the return flight, I paid around € 1000. I got the flex ticket
So far no use has been made, but it is quite good to have the option of the flight date or
to be able to change the place of departure.

Foreign health insurance

To study in Australia you must have an Australian student health insurance
(OSHC). The provider Medibank was offered by the university. I decided
instead for the provider CBHS, as it only cost half as much. However, as this provider still
Relatively new, it has only three partner medical centers in Melbourne so far, none of which are special
are centrally located.
In addition, I have taken out a German international health insurance because the OSHC
does not cover everything you need from my point of view. Here I choose TK’s Envivas
decided. So the German international health insurance was actually my primary one
Health insurance and the OSHC only 'compulsory insurance' to meet the visa requirements

Further errands

- International driver's license - This is compulsory in Australia.
- Credit card for international use - I have signed up for the (free) 1plus Visa Card from
Santander decided because there are no fees abroad and machine fees
are even currently being repaid, should some arise. One can pro
However, the billing period can only withdraw a maximum of € 500.
- Australian bank account - I set up this on site at the bank.
- Sim card - I organized this on site. I decided on ALDImobile
and paid only 15 AUD for my monthly flat rate.

Living and living situation

The Facebook groups and internet portals are ideal for finding a room in Melbourne. Here can
I recommend and the Facebook group Fairy Floss Real Estate (insider tip). I
I found my room in a shared flat on site via and have about 10 days to do so
second hand. During these 10 days I have had several visits every day. For my room
I paid about 290 AUD a week + utilities. Depending on the location, you pay 240-300 AUD for
A room in a shared apartment, further outside less and if you choose a shared room, you can go with it
shared with someone or more, you can live in a central location quite cheaply.
Since public transport is quite expensive and as a master’s student you don’t
If I receive discounts or semester tickets, I opted for a room in a shared apartment with a very good location
decided in Fitzroy. I was able to walk into town (and thus also to the free tram zone) and to the
Uni and at the same time was close to the action in the popular Fitzroy district. Who prefers to be on the beach
would like to live, I recommend St Kilda and otherwise I can still visit Docklands,
Carlton, Collingwood, Brunswick (a little further away), North Melbourne, South Yarra and possibly
Recommend Richmond and Prahran.
Generally speaking, the cost of living in Melbourne and Australia in general
are much higher than in Germany. This concerns housing costs, general living costs
like shopping and Co., especially with alcoholic beverages, and also leisure activities. With
However, the student visa gives you the opportunity to work alongside your studies and the
Hourly wages in Australia are a lot higher than in Germany.
The RMIT organizes many events and leisure activities at particularly good conditions
for students. However, if you would like to surf, for example, you should note that you are in
Melbourne cannot surf directly, but only at least one or two hours outside
Must drive from Melbourne.

Studied at university

My studies at RMIT were characterized by many assignments, presentations and submissions,
which were spread over the entire semester, but at the end of the semester I had
hardly any exams. So I always had something to do throughout the semester, but it was
to do everything well, I had a good learning effect and I was with the performance evaluation
very satisfied. The staff and teachers were all always very friendly and helpful
very interested in the learning progress of the students. Overall, the lectures struck me as very
application-oriented and there was a good study atmosphere. The RMIT is very modern and very good
equipped, only a cafeteria system like in Germany does not really exist.
What particularly struck me was the high proportion of Asian students, especially Indian and
of Chinese origin, at the university. This seemed to me to be almost higher than the proportion of students
Australian origin. This impression is also reflected in the CBD, Melbourne's inner city,
very strongly reflected.
In general, I can say that I had the feeling that I was receiving high-quality training at RMIT
to be able to enjoy and thanks to the large selection of interesting courses I had the opportunity to do
To deepen knowledge in the area of ​​my main areas of study and interests, whereby the
The semester abroad at RMIT is an essential enrichment for my studies.

Subject: Business Informatics and Digital Transformation M.Sc.

Duration of stay: 07/2019 - 12/2019

Host university: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University)

Host country: Australia