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Period underwear FAQ: Answers to common questions

The vagina is the most sensitive and most absorbent part of your body. femtis is the first German period panty supplier whose panties are free from silver chloride and other biocides, as these can endanger the environment and health. In particular, the following harmful substances are not contained in femtis menstrual underwear:

  • Silver chloride: According to the Federal Environment Ministry, biocides such as silver in clothing can cause allergic reactions that affect the skin's own bacterial flora and contribute to the development of resistance to pathogens.

  • Zinc pyrithione: According to OEKO-TEST, the anti-mold agent is suspected of endangering fertility.

Magazines like UTOPIA or FOCUS recommend avoiding period underwear with silver and other biocides. The magazine Gesundheitstipp also advises against period underwear with silver and quotes a gynecologist: "Biocides can reduce the bacteria in the skin flora. This increases the risk of infections."

TIP: Since some period underwear suppliers do not directly identify biocides such as silver chloride, it is worthwhile to carefully check the product and material descriptions. Biocides such as silver chloride are often hidden behind terms such as "bacterial inhibition" or formulations such as "bioactive silver salts", which indicate the greenwashing of biocides. These should be questioned critically.