Why Aaron Hernandez is killing himself in prison

Did NFL star become a killer to hide his bisexuality?

Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez shot an acquaintance in 2013 apparently out of fear of being outed as bisexual. The news magazine "Newsweek" now reports a few days after the death of the ex-New England Patriots player: Hernandez hanged himself with his bedclothes in his prison cell in Lancaster (Massachusetts) last week.

Hernandez had killed Odin Lloyd - a footballer friend who had gone out with his sister - in several shots near his property. Two years later he was sentenced to life imprisonment with no prospect of early release for the murder. So far it has not been clarified why Hernandez had killed his friend.

"Newsweek" writes in its article, citing several officials familiar with the case, that Hernandez apparently feared he would be outed as bisexual by Lloyd. At that time, the professional athlete was living with his girlfriend, who had given birth to a daughter a few months earlier.

Hernandez also wrote three farewell letters before his suicide - one of them to an incarcerated "boyfriend" whom he apparently met in prison. This is now suicidal himself and is therefore under surveillance 24 hours a day, writes the news magazine.

Only last week he was acquitted of allegations of double homicide

Only a few days before his suicide had Hernandez hit the headlines again because he had been acquitted of allegations of double murder of two young men in Boston. One man testified that Hernandez shot the men in 2012 because someone spilled a drink on him but did not apologize. However, due to his long criminal career, the accused was not considered to be trustworthy.

The case will probably keep the authorities busy for a while: Hernandez's family has already announced that the prison will be sued for several million dollars for negligence. The former sports star is said to have tucked cardboard under his prison door so that the guards could not reach him immediately. (dk)