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Hidden Talents: How to Find Your Strengths

At the latest when you are preparing for an upcoming application process, you will sooner or later face the task of dealing with your own strengths and skills. That sounds simple at first, after all, everyone should know what he or she is good at. In practice, however, this is not always that easy, because many find it difficult to do that to recognize one's own talents at all. But it is not for nothing that it is said: Everyone has talents. It just depends on finding out which ones they are. These tips will make it easier for you to find your hidden talents to find…

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Why is it reluctant to talk about talent?

Admittedly, some people like to talk about their talents. Maybe even too gladly. That can be a sign of a veritable Profile neurosis and be an inflated ego. A large number of people find it all the more difficult. You make your own Reluctant to focus on skills. Somehow, it always feels like showing off and bragging to her.

But is a good upbringing the only reason why one's talents go unmentioned more often than necessary?

Unfortunately, no. There are other factorsthat have an impact on whether we are open about our talents:

  • Humility

    Not every personality deals with success in the same way. While one cannot expect that the colleague in the most distant office will find out about his strengths, a humble character does not need this kind of attention and instead keeps a low profile when it comes to his own talents.

  • environment

    The environment also determines how openly we present our talents. Anyone who has received praise and recognition will also be open to their talents in other situations. Negative experiences tend to lead to putting your own light under a bushel.

  • uncertainty

    Unfortunately, it also happens more and more often that one's own talents and abilities are no longer recognized at all. You feel average in everything and don't have the feeling that you have talents worth mentioning. This uncertainty leads to people preferring to remain silent.

How to find your hidden talents

But how do you find out what your hidden talents are?

Of course, you could just say, "It's what you're good at". It's not that simple, however. After all, we're not always like it self-confidentto be good at something.

However, the uncertainty regarding one's own talents can still be overcome. The most important step to do this is self reflection: These questions can help you to discover previously hidden talents ...

  1. What is particularly easy for you?

    A good indicator of talent that you may not even be aware of is the things that come easy to you. It can start when you are still at school. What were your favorite subjects? What did you not have to work hard or learn a lot for? These can be signs that you have, for example, a mathematical or artistic talent that you can pursue and develop further.

  2. What do you enjoy a lot?

    Are there some activities in your free time that you particularly enjoy? Do you spend a lot of time with music or are you passionate about solving puzzles? Perhaps this is where there are talents that you have never suspected before. You may have excellent logical skills or a musical talent that could be of great help in learning to play an instrument.

  3. What can you teach others?

    Do your colleagues come to you regularly for certain tasks and ask for advice or help? You may not notice this, but your colleagues are clearly aware of your talent in this area. Make yourself aware that in some areas your knowledge cannot be taken for granted. If you are able to teach others, you should recognize that talent as well.

  4. What did you love in your childhood?

    Some talents show up relatively early, but unfortunately over time they are forgotten. So try to consciously remember what you loved to do in your childhood. If you do not find what you are looking for straight away, you can ask your parents or browse through old photo albums. Perhaps an old picture will remind you how much fun you had painting. Maybe that's why it's worth reviving your childhood talents.

  5. What do others say about you?

    If you are having trouble identifying your talents yourself, ask your friends or family. They may be able to draw your attention to things that you do not notice yourself. At the same time, it also strengthens your own self-confidence. For example, you can ask your friends what they appreciate most about you or what skills you are envied for. If you compare these assessments with your self-image, hidden talents can also come to light.

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