Companies should offer childcare locally

Sabine Grünert and Tobias Feier and their team advise companies that are interested in promoting in-company childcare. In the interview, they explain why companies benefit from the new funding program, which questions they often ask and what they should know before applying.

The “Company child care” funding program supports various care solutions with a grant - from company daycare to holiday care. Why is it worthwhile for companies to invest here?

Tobias Feier: Company childcare enables employees to do their job better - without having to worry too much about looking after their children. This not only makes it easier for them to return to work after parental leave, but also leads to fewer absenteeism. Long distances between work and daycare are eliminated. When companies offer their employees in-house childcare, they create profit for both sides: the employees are less stressed and therefore more productive. Many consciously choose to work with someone who has their backs. Family-oriented corporate culture is trendy today.

What is the most common reason why companies choose in-house childcare?

Sabine Grünert: Bringing family and work under one roof and at the same time delivering good work results is not so easy for many parents. This can be a big problem, especially in times of corona, which is associated with an enormous - also health - burden. Companies that offer company childcare show their employees that they are accommodating and responding to their needs. At the same time, this ensures higher productivity in the company. In the current study “New Chances for Reconciliation!” 82 percent of the companies say that they see childcare as a central factor for productivity in the company.

Tobias Feier: At the same time, companies can also support single parents and families with in-house childcare who have no local social network and who are dependent on childcare places.

What advice would you give to companies that are still unsure and are considering applying for funding?

Tobias Feier: Companies that want to find out more about the funding or are unsure are welcome to contact the service point by phone or email. Here we respond individually to the needs of the companies and pick them up where they are. Together we look at what needs they have and, if desired, accompany them in the search for possible sponsors through to the application.

What is the best way to start as an employer if I want to support my employees in looking after their children?

Sabine Grünert: First of all, it is good to analyze the need. Our conveyor pilot helps with this. Here companies can consider: How many seats do they need? How old are the children? What should the support look like? Another important question that companies should ask themselves at the beginning: How much money do you want to invest and how much time can you invest? We also recommend asking employees directly what they want.

Tobias Feier: Employee participation is a particularly good way to go. For example, a project group with one or two people to take over the management can be set up to take care of the introduction of company childcare.

Which questions do you come across more often in the consultation? How does the company childcare service point help?

Sabine Grünert: We are repeatedly asked whether we have examples of what corporate childcare can look like. We then always refer to the practical examples on our website, which companies can use for orientation. The exchange with them is often sought. In addition, many ask about possible providers and carriers for the care places. Here we look together with the companies to see which providers are available on site.

Tobias Feier: When submitting an application, it is important that the supervision has not yet started. We therefore advise companies to submit the application four weeks before the start of supervision.


Sabine Grünert and Tobias Feier advise in the company childcare service point
Companies. Source: gsub

About the funding program

Working and knowing that the children are well looked after: This is where the “Company childcare” support program comes into play. Since good company childcare has to suit the company and the employees, companies can develop suitable childcare options for their employees from four modules. These include child day care, child day care, care in exceptional cases and holiday care. Find out more here.

Find out more now in the web seminar

You can find out which funding you can receive as a company or sponsor in the recording of our web seminar. You can reach the company childcare service point Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Thursday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on (0800) 000 9838 and at any time by e-mail at [email protected]