How to become a developer from scratch

Software Developer Interview: These 10 Questions Await!

10. What are your salary expectations?

A delicate question that should be thought about answering. Am I asking too much and therefore not getting the job? Am I asking too little and selling myself below my value?

In times of digitization, software developers are in demand as employees. This is especially true if you have work experience. Nevertheless, an applicant, especially as a career starter, should beware of excessive demands.

But in the end, the porridge is not eaten as hot as it is cooked when it comes to this question. Believes: The remuneration must fit into the existing salary structure in the company, both upwards and downwards.

For this reason, answers based on the previous salary are recommended:

"In my current position, my salary is X. The position we are discussing here means greater responsibility, which is why I believe the pay deserves some increase."

A clever answer could also go in the direction that the salary is important, but the decisive reasons for the application are more in the task itself.

"I am convinced that I can do this exciting job very well, and I am sure that this will be rewarded accordingly in this company."