Why are they still doing phone books

Telephone book entry - an important advertising medium

Advertise with a phone book entry: Advertise - Present - Win

It is and will remain important for companies to advertise in the directory media. With a phone book entry you bring your company forward. Advertise with a commercial phone book entry or other innovative forms of advertising in the directory services Das Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche and Yellow Pages.

Telephone books are one of the best-known advertising media and are still used today by more than 90% of the population aged 14 and over. More than nine out of ten Germans use directory media on a daily basis. They are considered serious, trustworthy, useful and reliable. Users like to fall back on known and reliable sources of information in which the content can be found quickly and easily.

You can present your company with a telephone book entry and thus also remain present for your existing customers. Enter your contact details, services, opening times and other interesting information. You help your customers to find your company quickly and easily with a telephone book entry.

With just one placement you appear in the printed edition, on the Internet or on the move. This means that a phone book entry guarantees you a long range. Other innovative forms of advertising also ensure a presence on the market.

With a phone book entry you gain new customers. Potential customers search the directory media for companies they want to contact. Almost 90.0% use a service or buy a product after being contacted successfully. Benefit from the high intensity of use of Das Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche and Yellow Pages and gain new customers. More than half of those who buy a product or use a service after being contacted are new customers.

You can decide under which search terms your phone book entry is found. In this way you can reach your target group in a targeted manner and draw attention to your company, products or services with a telephone book entry or other forms of advertising.

Telephone book entry online and mobile
More and more people are using the phone books online or on the move. Reach new target groups with mobile advertising. Over 50.0% of German citizens now use the directory media online. Almost a third of them are mobile or via app. The number of online and mobile users will continue to increase over the next few years.

Be it the nearest doctor's practice, the surrounding hotel or a restaurant nearby - your existing or potential customers are always well informed when they are on the move. Make it easy for your customers and use your phone book entry online and mobile for appointment inquiries or reservations.

Take the chance. Advertise. Present. Win.

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