What are the navel game ideas

The most important hollow in the world

The navel is a part of the body that is often forgotten. While tits and asses enjoy increased media presence, he ekes out a sad shadowy existence most of the time. Many think that it is a superfluous reminder of the physical dependence on the mother and now only serves as a lint collection point or for tasteless piercings: a strange hollow that at most fetishists can relate to. Heiko Hennig from Schildau is a big belly button fan. On his side he collects everything to do with the belly button and shows that we were all wrong. VICE: How long have you been collecting belly buttons?
Heiko Hennig: As long as the internet has been around, actually. Because that's the only way to find like-minded people. Do you make money from the navel business?
Well, what does earning mean? The expenses have been higher than the income for years. Since such a page costs a lot of money, only 18.90 euros per month for the web space and the flyers, posters, camera technology, flash system and so on, you have to see how far you want to finance all of this on your own. Where do you find your belly button
In the swimming pool, outdoor pool, youth clubs or directly on the Internet, if you speak to them directly in the chat or Facebook. Something like a network has already emerged, because when you enter your belly button on Google, you automatically come across my page, as it is almost always placed in 1st or 2nd place. So many users come to my site who would like to look at the photos of others and are unlocked through a kind of member access by submitting their own navel. A swap exchange, so to speak. Everyone shows his own and is allowed to see the others. So I always have updates and don't always have to go to the outdoor pools myself.

Is the navel more erotic than breasts or buttocks?
Well, if you ask me, YES! Because you can do a lot with a navel. In the navel scene this is called navel play. The ideas are broad. It starts small: play around with your finger, stick your tongue in or lick out sparkling wine and then increase it further if you like it. Umbilical games are very popular among umbilical fans, as it has certain attractions to stimulate one's navel in this way. You feel a tingling sensation, a feeling of pleasure, when you play your navel or let yourself be played. Once the thought is there to indulge in the navel, it becomes like a fetish and you get more and more interest in this part of the body. With navel games, the navel is no longer the boring object that many people treat as a lint pit, but it takes on a new erotic status. How is that expressed?
Many also know the phenomenon that a navel reacts to external stimuli like a G-spot. According to my experience and reports from acquaintances, it is possible to trigger an orgasm in women and men just by licking and drilling with the finger. Many people quickly fall into ecstasy and get feelings that they did not know before. The navel is classified as something bad in our desolate world. Many people don't like to talk about him, even though he has many secrets that are neither in books nor on the Internet. But I want to put an end to the silence. For years I have been reporting quite openly about the navel and also about the navel G-spot that I have never known before, which I simply gave this name because it rightly deserves it.

What types of navel are there?
There are the innies, those are the navel that are drawn inwards, so the normal basic shape in Europe, Asia, America. Then there is the outie, which is a navel that is turned outwards like a kind of ball or knot. You see that a lot in small children and also in Africa. 80% of these have an umbilical hernia or a cartilaginous umbilicus. In the course of life this usually grows together into an innie or inbetween. This is a navel that goes in from the edge of the navel and goes out again in the middle like a knob. And finally, the flatie, these are inconspicuous, very flat navel that almost look like you don't have a navel. What does a really ugly belly button look like?
There are no ugly belly buttons. Every navel species has its lovers. Most of the time, those who care about navel are never satisfied with their own. Someone who has an outie wants an innie. The one who has an innie, an outie, or a navel even deeper than most have it. You just want to stand out, have a navel that nobody else has. But if you have a really extreme umbilical hernia that comes out so far that it protrudes, then there will certainly be many who describe it as unsightly. You can and should have an operation, at least if there is a medical problem or someone is teased and suffers as a result.

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