Is the HOLLA app safe?

HOLLA Live Random Video Chat

Random video chat applications

Random chat apps are becoming more and more popular with many users because they are more interactive and more fun compared to text-based chat apps. You can chat anonymously with strangers you don't know, learn about many cultures and customs from different countries which can lead to real friendships, and even meet some of the people you know in the chat rooms.

Random chat with no restrictions

Unlike instant chat applications where you need a person's phone number to communicate with them, such as B. WhatsApp or Telegram and others, random chat applications give you the freedom to communicate with other people without needing their personal information. B. do not need the phone number of the person. The fact that you and the other person make a random connection through a computer algorithm is very exciting and adventurous, but it can also be harmful at the same time, which is why this type of application is not recommended for underage children so parents should be careful.

HOLLA: Random video chat

HOLLA has all of the above features and more, and it's one of the best random video chat applications you can find today, it's very entertaining and fun.

Download and install HOLLA Live Random Video Chat

You can get the latest version of HOLLA Live Random Video Chat (5.13.0) for free by clicking the download button on this page. You can also download previous versions by clicking the "Old Versions" button and then selecting the version number you want.

Clicking the download button will download the APK file, wait for the file to download completely, then open the file to start the installation process on your phone. If the installation is blocked for security reasons, press the "Settings" button in the message, then enable the "Untrusted Source" function and start the installation of the file again to complete the process successfully.

Subscribe to HOLLA

You can subscribe to the app very easily and in two ways

  • Subscribe to the application with your phone number, select the country code and enter your phone number correctly, you will receive a message with the activation code via SMS, enter the code to successfully complete the subscription.
  • Subscribe to the application with a Facebook accountIf you have a Facebook account, you can simply subscribe to the application. All you need to do is log into Facebook or choose the account name if you are currently using the Facebook app on your phone.

HOLLA user interface

When the registration process is complete, you will be taken to the application's simple user interface, which has several main areas such as video chat, text chat, and your personal profile that you can easily switch between.

Set up your profile

Before starting a random chat about HOLLA, it is advisable to prepare your profile, especially if you have subscribed to the app using your phone number, write your nickname in the application and enter your date of birth and then choose a personal selfie, which asks App as a requirement that the personal profile picture contains a face.

Adding information to your profile

You can go to the profile section later to add more details or change previous personal information, and you can add more personal pictures (up to 6 photos) and you can also add information about you, school or job details, or your Instagram account to link.


You should know how to deal with gemstones and stars in the HOLLA app, which represent the in-app cash. This allows you to customize the randomization process to some extent and other aspects of the chat. With the help of the random chat, you can get a number of stars that can be converted into gemstones for later use.

Advantages of the gems of the app

If you have a balance of gems in your account, you can customize the random chat process, which will allow you to change the random selection filter in the app. This means that it is possible to search for female or male accounts only, and this process costs 9 gold stones.

Get free gems and stars

You can get free gems and stars in a number of ways, such as: B. by a comparison in a live mode or by inviting friends who subscribe to the application. You will receive 100 gems for each person you invite and you will receive more stars for spending gems.

Daily rewards

There are rewards for using the app every day for a period of time as you get 50 gems after 3 days, 100 gems after a week, 200 gems after two weeks and 500 gems after a month. If you use the application over a 30 day period, you will receive 1200 gems in addition to the stars you receive every day.

Matching with random people

HOLLA is a random video chat application after all, which means you are in visual contact with strangers so be very careful. When you step into the random video contact area, you can just tap the screen to start matching and finding people you want to meet.

Matching and live chat

When you click on the screen, a random person will be linked to you instantly. This may take a few seconds, during which a number of tips for using the app are displayed. When a suitable person is found, their personal picture, name, age and country of residence are displayed and you can video chat with them if you wish.

Dealing with video chats

After the communication between you and the random person is over, you can chat with him / her indefinitely by voice and picture, and some instant messages can be sent during the video chat, in addition to being able to exchange emoticons or list the person of friends and inappropriate content can be reported, or you can ignore the current chat and slide up to the next one.

Adjusting the random selection

Before you start matching to find a random person, you can set up the matching process to only look for female or male accounts. The automatic chat acceptance function can be activated or deactivated so that you can accept chat requests manually. If you have subscribed to the paid version, you can choose the nationality of the people you want to chat with.

Find people near you

You can toggle the live video chat mode to the people near your mode and from there you can view pictures of people close to you and interact with them by liking them or texting them. You can have a limited number of likes each day, and related parties can be filtered to show female, male, or both.

Instant messaging function

If you subscribe to HOLLA via your Facebook account, your Facebook friends who are also in HOLLA, along with the people you add from the random video chats, will be added to your friends list in HOLLA. You can exchange messages with them using instant messaging, and you can start a video call with one of your friends at any time.

HOLLA attitudes

The HOLLA app contains a simple set of options in the settings that you can access via the profile area. You can control the notifications you receive from the app for new messages, greetings, new games and reward reminders, and friends can be invited to join the HOLLA community via social media applications.


HOLLA Prime is not a free service, you have to pay a monthly fee for this service to get its additional features. When you subscribe to the HOLLA Prime service, you can specify the nationality of the people you want to chat with. Additionally, you get 1200 gems every month and loads of other cool features.

HOLLA live random video chat functions

  • Easy subscription, it's super easy to sign up for a HOLLA account as you can easily do it using just your phone number or Facebook account.
  • Privacy allows you to have a high level of privacy video and voice chats because you can hide your phone number or personal information and only show your name, personal photo and the country you belong to.
  • Using gemstones to customize the random selection process.
  • Switching between chats is very easy, you can pull up to start a new chat session with a random person.
  • Ability to search for people near you to chat with.

Disadvantages of the HOLLA Live Random Video Chat

You can text chat with people you've added as friends. However, chat is limited to exchanging text, with no ability to exchange pictures, audio files, stickers, and other things that are sent in Instant Chats.

Download HOLLA Live Random Video Chat

Get the latest version of the HOLLA Live Random Video Chat 5.13.0 with a direct and quick download link via Downzen by clicking the download button on this page.