Can I work legally without a contract

Termination without notice without an employment contract: is that even possible?

Giving termination without notice should be well thought out. But above all, you have to do it compellingly given a valid reason be.

But what does it look like when it's done no real employment contract gives? Is that legal? Can one here at all Termination without notice without a valid employment contract respectively?

You can find out that and more in this guide.

No employment contract and still terminate without notice?

In general, it can be said that Orally agreed contracts are also valid have. The employee does a job and the employer pays him for it - this is obvious some form of agreement in place.

The statutory notice period for regular termination - regardless of whether on the part of the employee or the superior - is normally one month. In the case of termination without notice under labor law, a two-week period given.

If you want to terminate without notice, this is not quite as easy as with ordinary termination. Regardless of whether a contract is in paper form, a extraordinary termination without notice a valid reason for termination ahead.

If this is demonstrably the case, it is possible, also to terminate without notice without an employment contract. However, you should note that as a rule a warning beforehand must be done.

Notes, facts and rules

Important before giving notice of termination without notice that is first of all a clarifying conversation should be sought with the opposite. If everything does not help, termination without notice can also be given without an employment contract following conditions occur:

  1. a There is a reason for termination without notice
  2. the Maintaining a notice period is not reasonable
  3. is a warning (labor law) previously granted been
  4. the termination without notice is within the two-week period after the valid reason becomes known the termination has been pronounced

Termination without notice should therefore always be done first, even without an existing employment contract the last resort be.

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Termination without notice without an employment contract: is that even possible?
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