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Top 10 Universities Studying Hotel Management

As expected, this is a highly competitive area with numerous academic institutions offering world-class hotel management and hospitality programs.

Although the US dominates the rankings, there are a number of competitors from other countries who have unique and special offers for both students and the hospitality industry.

The top 10 ranking is based on the quality of academic programs, internships, employability, diversity, student and industry attitudes towards the institution.

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Hotel Management School (Cornell University) - New York, USA

Cornell University has pioneered the hospitality industry for nearly a century, since it started hotel operations in 1922.

The close relationship with the first-class Statler Hotel on campus enables a rich learning experience. Around 200 students work closely with hotel professionals to apply their skills in all areas of hotel operations. They have a program for third-year students to gain extremely valuable international experience abroad.

A total of around 960 students from more than 30 countries study. 250 hotel professionals take part in courses every year. Every student does at least one internship per year. Each of them receives 800 hours of industry experience prior to graduation and is advertised through the school's career office with more than 1,200 job openings.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) - Switzerland

The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, founded in 1893, offers five academic programs ranging from Bachelor to Executive degrees. The steadily growing network of alumni consists of 25,000 people who offer valuable leads and opportunities in the industry.

In 2016, 2,608 students were enrolled at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and a total of 107 nationalities were represented. This diverse student base adds to the rich learning environment that this prestigious institution offers.

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William F. Harrah College of Hotel Management (University of Nevada) - Las Vegas, USA

The Harrah Hotel College is located near possibly the most famous playpen for entertainment in the world, the famous Las Vegas Strip. The proximity to the Strip familiarizes students with the practical applications of their subject.

Harrah Hotel College organizes hundreds of internships each year, connects more than 170 mentors with students, and organizes recruiting events that attract more than 100 national hotel brands.

These are just some of the qualities that make this institution a strong contender for the best university for hotel management studies.

Rosen College of Hospitality Management (University of Central Florida) - USA

Orlando Florida was the most visited travel destination in the United States in 2015. It is therefore not surprising that the Rosen College of Hospitality Management is high on the rankings.

Your students will benefit tremendously from studying and working in this vibrant hospitality market with its abundance of resorts, restaurants, attractions and much more.

The school has a faculty of recognized experts from 17 countries. Through partnerships, they provide students with access to scholarships, memberships, internships, guest speakers, and networking opportunities.

Oxford School of Hospitality Management (Oxford Brookes University) - United Kingdom

Oxford's prestigious history is also clearly reflected in its academic programs for the hospitality industry.

They have a diverse student base from 55 countries. The partnership with 20 universities worldwide offers their students the opportunity to study abroad through their international exchange program in countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand and Australia.

The international student has access to a range of scholarships to cover tuition and living expenses.

The Oxford School of Hospitality Management accepts 3rd or 4th year individuals who have a qualification in a hospitality-related subject and who have at least 40 weeks of full-time experience in the industry.

Hotel School The Hague (Hospitality Business School) - Netherlands

The Hotel School The Hague offers its hospitality programs in two prime locations in The Hague and Amsterdam (Netherlands). The institution, founded in 1929, is today aimed at students from more than 60 nations.

The Hotel School's 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management is a challenging, business and practice-oriented program tailored to the ever-changing needs of the hotel industry. This degree qualifies for the international fast-track program and is therefore attractive for those who have already completed a degree in hospitality. These people are allowed to complete the program for a shorter period of time.

The Hague Hotel School keeps its strong legacy in mind while paving the way for future hospitality leaders. An impressive 99% of the hotel school's alumni would recommend their hospitality program to others.

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Les Roches International School of Hotel Management - Switzerland

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management offers its English courses to a diverse student base from around the world.

The school has a strong focus on the student's learning experience. They have a Follow Me program for people wishing to enroll that allows them to be a student for a day. They also offer a degree that enables the student to study in hospitality and tourism locations around the world.

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Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (University of Houston) - USA

Hilton College is a long-term high achiever that offers a comprehensive approach to experiential learning and provides students with a solid platform from which to launch their careers. They produce highly qualified skilled workers, 80% of whom secure the work before graduation.

Hilton College offers a hospitality summer camp program for students interested in the hospitality industry. The three-day camps introduce attendees to the industry by taking tours of Houston’s top hospitality destinations, meeting industry executives, preparing meals with the hotel chefs, and learning about college life.

Glion Institute of Higher Education - Switzerland

The Glion Institute, located above the Swiss Riviera with a view of Lake Geneva and the Swiss and French Alps, has been producing quality specialists for the hotel industry for more than 50 years.

The demand for Graduates from Glion is very high: 86% are either employed or have multiple vacancies. They have a diverse student base of 98 nationalities, with 93% of participants being international students.

The school provides a wonderful learning experience for the student and with its simulated hotel with 5 restaurants it provides the ideal opportunity for learners to improve their skills.

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The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) - Dubai

The importance of location can never be underestimated, and this has never been more true than with EAHM. This prestigious school is located opposite the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the most luxurious hotel in the world.

The facility is part of the Jumeirah Group and enables its students to access and work in the internationally renowned Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts.

EAHM offers a part-time MBA in International Hospitality Management to help professionals who cannot afford to take their careers and lives off for study.

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Selection criterion

The universities included in our list of Top 10 Universities to Study Hotel Management were selected based on a variety of qualitative factors that we hope will help international students find their ideal university abroad.

Factors include the percentage of international students enrolled at the university and the services offered to them before, during, and after their studies, including the availability of internship and extracurricular opportunities. We also took into account the university's global and national rankings, the popularity of the study location abroad and the openness of the host country to international students, including the ease of applying for student visas.

Whenever possible, we took into account student testimonials and private reviews emailed to educations.com that indicate early service was provided to potential international students.

We have also made an effort to include universities of different sizes in different countries to give potential international students a wide variety of opportunities that are available to them.

Finally, where available, we examined the employment level of international students after graduation and the importance of programs in preparing students for an increasingly changing world.

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