Do you know tarot reading

I had tarot cards laid out for me & it happened

On a cold, wet autumn evening, I meet Anna Grindrod-Feeny to read a map. She comes to my office at the end of the day, we sit down together around a table in a quiet corner. Anna spreads out three different stacks of tarot cards in front of me and asks me to choose the one that appeals to me the most. I get to look at the individual decks and finally decide on a blue stack, the Prism Visions called. Anna starts shuffling the cards.
We know each other from a small bar in my neighborhood, the Precious Metal called. There she lays the cards to interested visitors almost every Friday evening. It was through her that I also came into contact with tarot for the first time. At the time I was intrigued by how accurate their answers were. At a time when I had a lot of existential questions buzzing through my head, Anna's interpretation of my maps helped me to find clarity. Tonight, my question is more specific: I want to know how my career is doing.
Anna tells me that people often come to her with their career questions. When someone is unsure about whether to accept a job offer or a promotion, feels trapped in their current job, or is trying to choose between two jobs, Anna believes that tarot is made for such cases. “I understand card reading more than a tool. With this I give people access to their subconscious and can tell them what they already know inside. I create a framework in which you can organize your thoughts. "
I don't have any specific questions, I'm more interested in the big picture. Like many other millennials, I don't have one job, but several: I'm a journalist, author, illustrator and artist. It is not easy to always do justice to all these facets and interests. I have also gone through several models: I was a self-employed freelancer for a long time and only recently switched to a full-time employee. That's why I want to ask the cards today: How do I find a good balance between my individual professions and my current full-time job?

I understand card reading more than a tool. With this I give people access to their subconscious and can tell them what they already know inside.

After I asked her my question, Anna begins to spread ten of the shuffled cards in front of me. I am interested in whether reading maps with a specific question differs from reading general questions. “By asking specific questions, the cards can be interpreted more clearly and tied into the story you are telling yourself. So it is clearer to you afterwards what to do about this question. "
Each of the ten cards represents a different aspect of my life: The situation in which I am currently, my subconscious and my conscious priority, what I think that could help me, what can actually help me, what obstacles there are and what mine next career steps are. Anna goes through every single card with me and explains it to me. I try to pay close attention to how I feel with each card and Anna's interpretation. The card reader also advises me: "You should definitely take your first feeling seriously."
And in fact some truths are opening up to me that I was not yet aware of. According to the Six barsCard, which should represent my current conscious priority, I'm already on the right track. She also tells me that I should take the time not only to think about what I would like to do right now and what I have in mind for the future, but also to reflect on what I have already achieved professionally up to this point.
But it gets really interesting with the cards that say what will bring me forward and what will slow me down: The five coins and The loving ones. The first card reminds me that I have more tools at my disposal than I think. I should think about what I already have and not focus on what I am still missing. So I can better pursue my goals with what I already have.
The map The loving onesthat represent which obstacles are still in my way, indicates a great energetic change. It means that I have to learn to find a balance between myself and the people around me. “You shouldn't spend too much time trying to find the perfect career path for yourself right now. Accept that you are currently in a period of upheaval in which you have to digest things. Expecting perfection now will prevent you from processing what has already happened, ”says Anna.
The final advice comes from the last card in the deck, The four coins. The card symbolizes a natural break. "You have reached a certain level of security, reached a state that you have been working towards," explains Anna. Nonetheless, this card also means that I shouldn't shy away from taking risks for fear of losing my current status or savings. “You also have to be willing to give up some of the security you have built yourself in order to achieve new goals. By taking a risk, you automatically open yourself to greater wealth than you ever expected. "
My first career tarot definitely hit a nerve with me. What moves me most is that, according to the cards, I should concentrate on what I enjoy. On the other hand, my cards are currently teeming with goblets, which means that I am currently putting a lot of emotions into my work. Anna warns me not to be too overwhelmed by my feelings and not to let practical motives guide me. The cards also remind me that it's never good to cling too tightly to things that I may have made myself a little too comfortable with. Anna advises me: "Don't be afraid to take a risk and try something new or to go a step further in your growth."
In the end, this card reading reminded me that we all have the answers to the big questions within ourselves. Anna tells me that whatever the lessons I get from the appointment with her are the right ones for me. That's why my tip to you is: Whatever your card has ready for you, a tarot is first and foremost like a mirror in your own subconscious. That's why you should go to an appointment to read cards, although open-minded, but also with a solid self-image. Because that way you will certainly go home with lots of interesting answers and without any uncertainty.