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Stop speaking fake Korean, Warren.
Stop ... wrong Korean to speak to, Warren.
Call a soldier who speaks Korean.
ApplicationName% can't proofread Korean text.
ApplicationName% can match the spelling of the korean Do not check text.
No Korean translation on Import Video.
No korean Translation for "Import Video".
A questionnaire reply was received from one Korean exporting producer.
Of a korean A reply to the questionnaire was received from the exporting producer.
The initiator and founder is the Korean grandmaster Sonsanim Ko.
The initiator and "founder" is korean Grand Master Sonsanim Ko Myong.
Here LANG presented original products of the Korean manufacturer LG Electronics.
Here LANG AG presented in particular original products from korean Manufacturer LG Electronics.
We discovered Korean barbeque in this town.
We have that korean Barbeque discovered in this city.
The Korean practitioners wore their traditional dress and were particularly eye-catching.
The Korean Practitioners wore their traditional clothes and were especially eye-catching.
Korean translations that you can trust ...
Translations into Koreanyou can trust ...
Hapkido: Korean Art of self-defense.
Detlef Klos: Hapkido: Korean Art of self defense.
The classification of Korean is debated.
The genetic classification of the korean Language is currently still controversial.
Mun-suk misses honesty in Korean men.
Mun-suk misses the honesty among them korean Men.
Unfortunately many exhibitions are in Korean only.
Unfortunately, many exhibitions are in place korean just.
He also teaches digital media at Korean universities.
He also teaches at korean Universities in the field of digital media.
Soviet universities began opening Korean language departments.
Soviet universities began to set up departments for korean Set up language.
Lali Puna meets the Korean tied trampauline.
The German band Lali Puna meets the korean Band trampauline.
Works by Korean and German composers.
Works by the korean and German composers.
The Korean delegation reported similar discussions on potential reforms.
The korean The delegation reported on similar discussions about the further development of the Korean long-term care insurance.
In one-week workshops children and teenagers experience Korean culture with Korean and German artists.
Children and young people experience one week in workshops korean and German artists korean Culture.
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