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Event management is in demand when it comes to major events that are not quite everyday. Because the bigger such an event is, the better it has to be planned in advance. As an event manager, you have your eyes everywhere. The details count so that the big picture works. Planning, pitching, playing poker, presenting, perfecting - the job is definitely not one-dimensional. How do I become an event manager? What qualities should a good organizer have? And what does he deserve? All information about event management ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Event management tasks

The term event is often used synonymously for events. However, event management is not about any random event. An event as a form of event is characterized by the shared experience of joy. The entertainment character is often in the foreground, for example in:

  • Exhibitions
  • Fundraisers
  • Expos
  • Festivals
  • Galas
  • Incentives
  • Concerts
  • Readings
  • measure up
  • Parades
  • Sports tournaments
  • City and folk festivals

The aim of event management is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and a lasting positive impression on all participants. The work of the event manager is divided into different phases:

  • Brainstorming
  • Conception
  • planning
  • preparation
  • execution
  • postprocessing

Numerous tasks have to be completed within the individual phases in order to make a large mosaic out of the stones. Successful events are not easy to plan and implement. They require long and hard work, an eye for detail, great problem-solving skills, flexibility and a strategic approach. The specific work areas for event managers are:

  • Creation of event concepts
  • Analysis of target groups and thus potential audiences
  • Search for an event location
  • Pitch and presentation in front of the customer
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Search and recruitment of moderators, actors, singers, artists, exhibitors
  • Advertising and marketing for the planned event

And of course the implementation and execution is the responsibility of the event manager. Everyday work in event management is from the first idea through the entire planning to the conclusion of the last event point.

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Event management training

There are several ways to start an event manager career. The three paths are:

The access restrictions are low until not available. There are no major requirements in the form of a numerus clausus. Of course, you need a university entrance qualification to study.

Instead of the Abitur, this can also be acquired through a master craftsman's examination (combined with a consultation at the university). Several years of professional training and / or professional experience with a technical proximity to the subject can also qualify you for the course (combined with an aptitude test).

Event management is not just studied; the course is often equipped with a specific focus that also has future locations in mind. For example there are:

  • Business administration with event management
  • International event management
  • Trade fair, congress and event management
  • Sports, event and media management
  • Tourism, hotel and event management

All of these courses have two elementary areas and content in common:

  • Event planning

    Here students learn the craft of event management - how do you plan national and international trade fairs and congresses, such as cultural and sporting events? This area also covers topics related to social media and event marketing as well as external presentation.

  • Economics

    Planning all of this without even having a clue about budgeting can seriously jeopardize the success of events. The event management course therefore includes, among other things, business administration, business mathematics and statistics.

The course is rounded off by modules in business English, psychology and moderation and presentation techniques.

Event management salary

As in any profession, the earnings opportunities in event management depend on various aspects such as industry, region and company size. In addition: event manager is not a protected term, access through many doors is possible. Therefore, the salary also depends on the negotiating skills of the employee (and the employer's budget).

The average salary is between 35,000 and 40,000 euros. But the variance is great: some event managers earn just 2,000 euros a month, others earn 5,000 euros and more. The previous training can also be decisive. A completed degree brings more than an apprenticeship or a course.

Often the payment is also a combination of a fixed salary and a variable salary component, which can amount to 20 to 30 percent.

Employer: Who is looking for event managers?

As an event manager, you have several options. You can go into business for yourself and set up your own agency. But a permanent position is also possible. Potential employers are:

  • Exhibition organizer
  • Catering company
  • Event agencies
  • Municipal institutions, such as city marketing offices
  • Industrial companies

Career opportunities: the prospects as an event manager?

In event management there is always an even larger event that needs to be planned and implemented. The self-employed can set up their own company, always land new projects and hire numerous employees.

As an employee, you can advance to a management position, lead large teams and take responsibility for global events.

Event manager application: tips & templates

Event management is action, excitement, fun, joy and motivation plus a good portion of adrenaline and hectic rush when the deadlines for the event are getting closer. In any case, there is another way of boring. You should try to capture this spirit in your application.

With a run-of-the-mill cover letter, you will therefore attract little attention. Creativity is required and can also be shown in the design of the application.

Soft skills and competencies should be the focus. Organizational skills and enjoyment of dealing with people are basic requirements. However, the following characteristics and skills are also important:

  • flexibility
    You need to be able to create and implement alternative and emergency plans.
  • Time management and prioritization
    Initiate the right measures at the right time.
  • To be able to listen
    Helps with analysis and preparation.
  • negotiation skills
    An event is made up of many individual parts - and cost items.
  • Traveling
    This applies especially to international but also many national major events that do not take place on the doorstep.
  • Communication skills
    Call, email, meet, visit, present, convince ...
  • IT competence
    Automation tools and management software are also finding their way into the event industry.
  • Pressure and stress resistance: Time pressure is an essential feature of almost all events.
  • Attention to detail
    It's often the little things that turn a good event into a very good one.
  • Understanding of numbers
    Event managers are set limits - in the form of budgets - which they must not exceed. It is important to always have these in mind and to be able to juggle different budgets well.

For example, with a view to tight deadlines, you could write:

Despite the large number of participants who have to be coordinated for this event, I have always managed to meet the deadlines thanks to my excellent time management.


My experience abroad at the XY Event has shown that I can easily communicate with the responsible departments in English and Spanish, so that nothing stands in the way of planning international events.

Free templates with sample text

Benefit from our free application templates. You can download these individually as a Word file by clicking on "Cover letter", "Cover sheet" or "CV" - or as a complete application set by clicking on the preview image. You will then receive all three Word templates combined in one zip file.

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