How is Canada for hotel housekeeping jobs

Hotel work abroad

Hotel work abroad is one of the many exciting ways you can spend a longer, intensive time abroad. If you are interested in the hotel and catering industry, enjoy working with other people and are an open, communicative type, this job is ideal for you. You often get a salary while working in a hotel abroad. In addition, under certain conditions, you can have the job credited to you as an internship abroad. But what exactly do you do in hotel work, in which countries is hotel work possible and what requirements should you have?

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What is hotel work?

As the name suggests, you usually work in a hotel or in a holiday resort. The However, the area of ​​application can be very different and depends above all on your personal preferences, experience, previous knowledge and skills.

Possible work areas include:

  • Room service
  • Waiters
  • kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • bar
  • animation
  • reception
  • Office assistant

It is also possible that you will get to know different areas during your stay. Especially in the high season you have to be flexible and should be on one high workload to adjust. Also shift work as well as the Work on weekends and holidays is common in this industry.

Hotel work abroad is possible between three and 18 months. Whether you are paid for your work depends on the employer or the respective program. Sometimes you get free board and lodging, other employers also pay in pocket money and others even one correct salary. Often you can also use your bet count as an internship abroad especially if you are drawn in this direction professionally.

Where can I do a hotel job?

A hotel job is possible in many countries around the world. Most foreign jobbers, however, are drawn to English-speaking countries, for example afterwards Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or the nearby Great Britain or Ireland. But many other European countries are also popular, including Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal. The advantage within the EU is that you yourself don't worry about the annoying visa and can make as much money as you want. Even more distant, more exotic destinations such as Chile or South Africa are becoming increasingly popular for a hotel job abroad.

What are the requirements?

The requirements you need for a hotel job abroad can vary greatly depending on the company and area of ​​application. For simple activities you sometimes need neither particularly good language skills nor previous knowledge or experience in the catering or hotel industry. But do you have in your job a lot of customer contact, you usually have to good language skills, a well-groomed, open demeanor and experience bring. It is also important in this industry Flexibility and high resilience. You may have to work long hours, especially during the high season. You also need to be willing to work on weekends and public holidays.

The top 3 destinations for hotel work abroad

1 | England

In the British Isles, you can't just pay the Queen a visit and drink lots of tea, you can Also learn perfect English and don't have to deal with annoying visa matters. These are just a few of the many reasons why many people are drawn to the beautiful island. You mostly work in one very international environment and gain work experience in an exciting European country as well as a high quality reference for your resume.

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2 | Canada

Beautiful Canada is also a popular destination for hotel work. No wonder: in summer the huge country is a real one Paradise for nature lovers and in winter it offers some of the best winter sports in the world. In addition, you can in Canada right away learn two world languages. You decide whether you prefer to perfect your English or polish up your French skills. thanks to theWorking Holiday Visa you don't have to work for free in beautiful Canada, you can work earn a good salary and have an exciting time in Canada without breaking your bank account.

Experience Canada through hotel work

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3 | Chile

If you are traveling to a more unusual region and a learn or perfect a second foreign language want, the South American Chile is probably the right destination for you. Chile also offers German citizens a one-year stayWorking Holiday Visawith whom you in Chile earn money may. In addition, you will get to know an exciting culture, improve your Spanish skills and hopefully you'll still have time after your hotel job, to travel the breathtaking country.


Hotel work abroad is one great way to experience another country intenselyto learn the language Work experience abroad to collect and at the same time often even to make money. Hotel work abroad is therefore ideal for you if you have a comparatively spend cheap and intensive time abroad want, many to meet new people and you are also interested in the industry.