How to Avoid Sexual Obsession

Obsessed with sexFlo Winter: "I was sex addict "

Flo was constantly masturbating in front of porn, going to brothels, and becoming obsessed with sexuality. Relationships and friendships were broken as a result. In One Hour Love, Flo tells how he got out of his sex addiction - and how he worked up his personal story as a graphic novel.

Flo Winter masturbated away stress in the relationship. If it was porn images first, he needed more later. He went to the brothel for the first time when he was 30.

"I numbed myself with sex. I suppressed work stress and fears."
Florian Winter, author of the book "XES"

In the recently published book "XES" he tells his personal story in comic scenes - under the pseudonym Flo Winter. "XES" backwards stands for sex and at the same time for "excess". It was important for him to realize one day that it was an addiction, a kind of illness. In a talk with Till Opitz, Flo explains his way out of sex addiction.

"You cannot fight sex addiction with will."
Florian Winter, author of the book "XES"

He was particularly helped by the exchange in a self-help group of the Anonymous Sex and Love Sex Addicts (SLAA). There he met other affected men and women, which brought him out of isolation. Suddenly he was no longer alone. Today Flo is fine, the sex addiction is ticked off, but he knows that he has to take care of himself.

The psychologist Vivian J├╝ckstock from the University Hospital Hamburg gives insights into psychotherapeutic help for sex addicts.

In the love diary, Emma (name changed) tells how the second meeting with her date went.