Is it strange to like feet

To the women: how do you stand at your feet?

Well, why do you think ... breasts are erotic?
hi energy,
So ... whether you think feet are sexy or not, that's the way it is. there are psychological theories about ... if you like breasts (or buttocks), that's just as "stupid", but nobody finds it strange. feet have a little bit different to hands - which are also very important to me -, their very own anatomy, which offers a wide field to look at, feel and play ... but for me only slim, well-groomed exhibits with beautiful toes)
in any case, feet are one of the most sensitive areas. that means, it is not imagination if a man (or woman) finds touching there pleasant or even cool - sometimes it shoots right between the legs, sometimes even to the earlobe or something. I rather ask myself: why do so many resist it? (It's the same with stimulation in the anal area ... it always works scientifically, but you can only love it or hate it). By the way, feet are a symbol of sexuality in the bible (it is mostly young women or actually uptight women who, of all things, leave their socks on during sex). and actually they are very mysterious, because if you pay attention to it: in photos or in films, feet are almost always the only part of the body cut off ... a piece of the surroundings is shown better than the whole woman. this often has its equivalent during sex ... please down to the knee and no further! Well, I don't find myself here, but the others strange ))


1-I like it