Why do my toes stink on Wednesdays

Where from purple spots on toes unpleasant smell?


When I had school sports in our gym for the first two hours this morning, I noticed an unpleasant smell as soon as I went inside. When I took a closer look, I noticed that one of our ceiling lamps was not working. (Unfortunately I could not determine whether it was burned out or actually broken). And that very strong smell came from this lamp. I'm not exactly sure how to define this smell exactly. It just smelled of toxic electronics;). So a bit sour, oh just toxic! But I think everyone who has ever smelled an energy-saving lamp knows this smell.

I then told my teacher that I was getting a headache from it, but he said it didn't matter that the lamp was broken and the smell didn't mean anything. But I couldn't quite believe him, even though he is a sports and math teacher.

Unfortunately, I don't know how long it smells like that in the hall, as I only exercise once a week. Last week it still smelled normal. Since today is Monday and there is no school on the weekend, I think it could have happened on Friday.

But now to the real question:

Is it harmful to inhale this smell for 1.5 hours?

As I said, I'm not sure if the lamp burned out or actually broke (maybe because of a ball that followed against it).

Hence the question of whether you can smell mercury, because the idea is not nice to have inhaled mercury for 2 school hours.

I would be happy if I got some useful answers as I am really a little afraid for my health ...

Best regards,