How can administrators motivate teachers

Teachers as IT administrators: this is how politics screwed up the digitization of schools

Dear J. Schuhmacher,

only an insider of your own (!) school and teacher is effective as a system supervisor !!

I totally agree with you! But no external person who only knows the respective "shop" or teaching activity from hearsay, ie not from personal experience!

During my time in active school service, I have seen for decades how technology and computer-savvy colleagues have devoted themselves to the construction, maintenance and further development of the computer network and the "digital school".

Mind you, next to your thesis (mostly also upper-level courses, e.g. in physics, math, computer science group, ...).
The number of hours of relief for your IT work was by far not enough!

Additional IT services from him:
Training in the late afternoon (after class) by our colleagues (à la “Teach your Colleague”) with handouts (“cheat sheet” for us) designed by colleagues themselves (“cheat sheet” for us) on how to use Windows, Powerpoint, Excel, note entry program, intranet ...

The number of paid relief hours is really only to be understood as a “symbolic thank you”!

Especially when you consider the de facto workload, the many hours of free time (even on Saturday, Sunday, when the man is in dire straits: deadline when printing out the certificates, computer system “crapped”, ...).

He carried it stoically with humor, then joked that he would soon put a cot in the school….

And he was always available to us! Always ready to help, responded patiently and promptly to our needs!
("Whiteboard in ... does not work (correctly)"; "Grade" accidentally for the whole class in the wrong column - weighting therefore wrong - and already saved! ...)!

Why this overexploitation of one's own health, self-exploitation?
Out of high professional ethics, a great sense of duty, pronounced conscientiousness and a deep sense of responsibility for "our" school!

We don't even need to talk about work-life balance here. His wife and daughter rarely saw him at home at times.

My husband - a development engineer in business - only smiled mildly and mocked the lack of professionalism in the “schools”. "... only fig leaf!"

He found it extremely “amateur” of the cultural bureaucracies to want to carry out digitization “inexpensively” (= as cheaply as possible) on the back of very committed, computer-savvy teachers.

Considerably more hours of relief or exemption from (extensive) teaching assignments (as is also common practice with school principals (senior degree directors)) are really indispensable!

And the upgrading of the system support of a school through the creation of the functional position of an “IT-S t u d i e n d i r e c t o r s” - with salary A 15, as is often the case with specialist managers and specialist supervisors at high school.

By the way:
a 50-year-old IT student from business (with a high school education in Latin and sports in his youth) gave up his well-paid position, “got lost” for a school year at our school, then unfortunately fled to - “digital practice shock”!

As a later father, he actually wanted to have more time (in the afternoon) for his very young children, and he hoped that work at school would also result in less work and stress!

So he remembered "in his old days" to his original "dream job teacher".

The school "devoured him skin and hair", in the truest sense of the word.

As an IT man in particular, he was highly sought-after and valued by the school management.

He felt very comfortable with us and got on well with the students.

He was very happy to contribute his IT expertise, was extremely collegial and very popular.
Of course, he wanted to give our “colleague system administrator” a lot of support.
But the time required became more and more ..., and more ...!

That was not how he had imagined it! Much less time for his children than expected! And then the payment - with all the work ... - forget it! - no comparison to the economy!
Civil service career? - didn't work anyway.
An "IT position" in the school system, "school system supervisor almost full-time" ?? - was not at all imaginable in the Ministry of Culture!

This short interlude at our school quickly cured him of many misconceptions about today's school reality, which he too had fallen into.
What a shame for us! A real loss for the school - not only as an IT student!