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The new assault rifle of the Bundeswehr comes from Suhl - summary

@Thomas Wiegold

They wrote: "This is going to be another fun debate."

- True enough, and I already think it's funny.

First: the daily press. Even as a reader interested in the military, I was amazed to find the selection decision as the top headline on 'Welt Online', 'Spiegel' and the like.

The order volume hardly justifies such attention. The federal government alone spends almost five times as much as this around 250 million euros every day. Nor can one say that the average reader is interested in the Bundeswehr.

But the headlines betray the intention, because many German journalists have developed a downright voyeuristic pleasure in scandal, and especially when it comes to economic issues, the devil is often painted on the wall.

Now there is something of a "bang", a "disgrace" for the Heckler & Koch company, which is supposedly at an end.

Suddenly there is talk of a “sell-out”, Haenel himself is being relabelled as an “Arab company”; the selection decision jeopardizes Germany's security and represents a "warning sign" for Germany as a business location.

That’s where the reader’s comments go (as always, nothing works in the Bundeswehr, and only nonsensical decisions are made on the hard floor); some even manage to ask the donor to weave racist attacks into their comments.

Very strange, all of that.

And then, secondly, the voices of those with (actually or supposedly) above-average expertise.

The readers of the 'Firearms Blog' are delighted that H & K will now follow Sig Sauer and move to the USA. Defense News sees the decision against H & K as proof of Germany's insufficient defense budget, and many German forists are also glancing at the price tag.

Why? Doesn't the tax authorities have a duty to handle taxpayers' money sparingly and to choose the cheapest solution that still meets the requirements?

In the 1990s, everyone complained about the futuristic “Lego gun”, now many criticize the okay for the allegedly obsolete, shirt-sleeved AR.

And then the strange caliber discussion, as if the introduction of a non-standardized medium-caliber cartridge had ever been an issue.

As I said, very strange!