Can Australia win the 2020 World Cup T20

Corona virus in Australia: Minister warns of panic

The corona virus holds the world in a stranglehold: More than 2,800 people have fallen victim to the lung disease, and more than 82,000 have been infected worldwide. From the perspective of Formula 1, the situation looks like this: The China GP has been postponed indefinitely, and no one knows whether the planned program for the first races (March 15, Australia, March 22, Bahrain, April 5, Vietnam) will take place this way can be. Haas team boss Günther Steiner: “The situation is constantly changing. We can plan what we want, tomorrow everything could look completely different. "

Let's focus on Australia for a moment. So far there have been 23 confirmed cases of illness, the health authorities have taken precautionary measures, which are also used in other countries: Anyone who has been in China in the past few weeks is not allowed to enter. The same applies to passengers on the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship. Australian citizens who have stayed in China are allowed to enter, but are put in quarantine to be on the safe side. These measures were taken at the beginning of February and have since been extended three times.

Health Minister Greg Hunt also warns against panic and says in Melbourne: “Our message is - go about your normal day-to-day business. Go to the Chinese restaurant, go to the football game, go to the Grand Prix. "

“We know that this is a global phenomenon that such a virus will also spread in Australia is inevitable. We are aware that we are not immune, but we think it is very important to tell people - normal life has to go on. "

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “We have taken all steps to largely contain a pandemic. But we see no need to ban larger gatherings like at sporting events. "

The final of the T20 Women's Cricket World Cup will take place in Melbourne on March 8th, 50,000 tickets have been sold. The Australian Grand Prix attracts more than 300,000 people to Albert Park each year.

Dr. Brett Sutton, Head of Health in Victoria State: “We're keeping all options open. I think it is unlikely that our race will be canceled. We had such a situation in 2009 with a flu pandemic. We are closely monitoring the situation, but only if there was an exceptional increase in coronavirus cases in the coming days would the Australian GP be canceled. "

Race promoter Andrew Westacott: “Our race has been around for 24 years. And every time we had medical emergency plans ready. That's the way it is this time too. We work closely with the authorities in Victoria. Preparations for the Australian football season, the World Cup in Cricket and the Grand Prix are proceeding as usual. "